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Heritage Auction Galleries is the world's largest collectibles auctioneer. Our 365,545 members are a testament to our reputation for professional business practices and unprecedented knowledge in the field of collectibles. Our mission is to provide the Internet's most indispensable trading platform and source of information for serious collectors, investors and dealers. Heritage, established in 1976, offers a wide range of Americana, Books & Manuscripts, Art, Coins, Comics & Comic Art, Currency, Entertainment Memorabilia, Jewelry & Timepieces, Movie posters, and Sports Collectibles. We acquire the most unique items of the highest quality by searching and networking throughout the world. Our goal is to provide our customers with the largest selection of high-quality collectibles. We give our customers unprecedented access to our services using the latest advancements in technology and by maintaining a strong presence in the collectibles community. Our knowledgeable staff and our suite of services help our customers develop the best collections possible. We are always looking to acquire interesting items, whether through consignment or by outright purchase, and we spend millions each month to keep our clients' demands satisfied. Find out why you should consign to a Heritage Auction. Visit our World Headquarters in Dallas, TX 3500 Maple Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 View a Map to our Location. Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM - 5 PM Saturday: 9 AM - 1 PM We welcome your visit, and recommend that you call ahead at 214-528-3500 to make an appointment. All of our collectibles are secured in time-lock bank vaults. • Buy or sell Coins, Currency, Comics, Movie Posters, Antiques & Decorative Arts, Fine Art, Sports collectibles, Political Memorabilia, Movie Posters, Entertainment Memorabilia, Americana, Books & Manuscripts, and more. • Investment quality items • Free informal appraisals • Expert advice on collecting • Recommendations on certification Heritage Auction Galleries: Our Mission ... To be the world's most trusted and efficient marketplace and information resource serving owners of fine art, collectibles, and other objects of enduring value. Our Values ... Integrity — Honesty and fairness must define every facet of our business. Transparency — We embrace clarity and freedom of information, so that our clients, partners and coworkers can make informed, confident decisions. Teamwork — We collaborate with coworkers on important tasks and projects, and freely share credit for our successes among all who contribute their efforts and ideas. Respect — We foster a culture of mutual respect for each other, our business partners and our clients. Efficiency — As tangible demonstration of that respect, we seek every opportunity to help our clients, partners and coworkers save valuable time and resources. Passion — We know that through our focus and dedication, Heritage's services, products and innovations will someday enrich the lives of millions of people, both financially and psychologically. Excellence — We understand our assignments and goals, and deliver them accurately, on time, within budget, and exceeding expectations, while setting the bar ever higher to accelerate improvement. Expertise — We cherish knowledge and never stop studying and learning, because our success depends upon providing the best possible advice to our clients. Innovation — We continually invent ways to make our services and products more accessible and useful to clients, even when we render our successful products obsolete by creating better ones. Flexibility — We are creative and flexible when helping clients, coworkers and partners address unusual problems and needs. Client-First Mentality — We create positive experiences for every internal and external client we serve. Inclusion — We champion the value of each individual's knowledge, skills, abilities and ideas. Long-Term Perspective — We strive to make careful decisions and win-win agreements with clients and partners, knowing that any sustainable relationship must benefit all of its participants.
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