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45: 2 Political Buttons: Stevenson
52: 6 Large Political Buttons: Truman225: Advertising Pins: 26 Actress
DoneJul 15, 2006 3:00 PM UTC

Political, Campaign & Advertising Buttons

This auction consists of one large and three small Estates. The large pin collection is from Watkins Glen, NY and has been in storage since 1982. This collector was an avid supporter of the Republican Party and had received many perks from the party. He was, however, a Democrat when it came to F. D. Roosevelt. His collection starts with a Whig Party paper ballot and moves forward with Lincoln, Douglas, Bell and Grant items from the Civil War. The more contemporary buttons include a large Robert F. Kennedy for President. Of the 1,000 pins, ribbons, buttons and badges, over 650 are political pins, medals, ribbons and posters from 1840 through 1972 including ferrotypes of Lincoln, Douglas, Bell, Grant and Seymour. There is a paper parade hat from Whitelaw & Reid and prohibition pins including Carlton Fisk. Advertising pins include bicycles, clothing, furniture, stoves, newspapers, etc. Additional items include World Fair and Expo items, Civil War Carte-de-Visites of Generals and Officers as well as Fireman’s delegate badges.