Holiday Auctions 2006-12-11 Auction - 292 Price Results - At Your Bidding in VA
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107: Busser Bear Gray String Wool Bear201: 1995 Morton Salt Bear W/ Umbrella Bear285: Dress Yourself Teaching Bear
Richmond, VA, United States
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Holiday Auctions

Our Holiday auctions will include both a Coin auction as well as a Bear and Doll auction on Monday, December 11th 2006. These coin auction will feature over 300+ lots of unique, rare and hard to find coins, with thousands of coins included in the sale. Some of the featured coins include an Isabella Quarter, 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent, as well as a great assortment of Walking Liberty's, Morgan Dollars and Confederate and U.S. Paper currency. The bear and doll auction features Raikes, Merrythought, Vanderbear, Dakin, Boyds and many assorted artist bears. There are over 300+ bears in this auction, this is not one to miss. There are also porcelain, wood, cast and metal dolls and figures which will be included in the sale.
Lot Number: Lowest
BJ #20 Bear Paws Mohair: Artist Bear By Susan Geany, #20 made.
0101: BJ #20 Bear Paws MohairEst. $15-$1,000Lot Passed
Baby Black Bart Bearloom Bear: Artist Bear By Mary L. Henry, 1994
0102: Baby Black Bart Bearloom BearEst. $15-$1,000Lot Passed
Fred in Vintage Clothing 1995 Bear: Artist Bear Handmade in Tenn. By Helen Johnson 1995
0104: Fred in Vintage Clothing 1995 BearEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Busser Bear Gray String Wool Bear: Artist Bear by Leeann Snyder, holding butterfly.
0107: Busser Bear Gray String Wool BearEst. $15-$1,000
See Sold Price
Merrythought Black Bear by Alph & Farnell: Signed by Olivia Holmes
0108: Merrythought Black Bear by Alph & FarnellEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Merrythought British Guard Bear: British Guard Bear in Red Costume
0109: Merrythought British Guard BearEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Harrod's Merrythought Green Tie Bear: 403/1000 Signed Bear
0110: Harrod's Merrythought Green Tie BearEst. $15-$1,000
See Sold Price
Merrythought Rupert Olivia Holmes Bear: 1992 # 733 Bear by Olivia Holmes
0111: Merrythought Rupert Olivia Holmes BearEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Merrythought O. Holmes Bear 153/1000: 153/1000 Dark Brown w/ Red Bow O. Holmes
0112: Merrythought O. Holmes Bear 153/1000Est. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Merrythought Tipped Mohair Bear: 395/1000 Brown Bow, Signed Boldstate
0113: Merrythought Tipped Mohair BearEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Merrythought Small Tipped Mohair: 400/1000 by Olivia Holmes
0114: Merrythought Small Tipped MohairEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Merrythought White Ascot Bear: "Gramma's Bear" by Olivia Holmes 59/1000
0115: Merrythought White Ascot BearEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Merrythought Muffin Man Bear: Includes muffin box, napkins by Olivia Holmes 414/700
0116: Merrythought Muffin Man BearEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Merrythought Diamond Jubilee: Signed on foot, Olivia Holmes.
0118: Merrythought Diamond JubileeEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Merrythought Bear in Crocheted Sweater: Merrythought Bear in Crocheted Sweater
0119: Merrythought Bear in Crocheted SweaterEst. $15-$1,000See Sold Price
Vermont Bear Toy Soldier Bear: Cute bear by Vermont Bears dressed as a Toy Soldier.
0121: Vermont Bear Toy Soldier BearEst. $15-$1,000Lot Passed
Sheepskin Bear from New Zealand: Very nice bear from New Zealand.
0122: Sheepskin Bear from New ZealandEst. $15-$1,000Lot Passed
Scotland Bear w/ Beret: Genuine Scottish Bear with Authentic Beret
0123: Scotland Bear w/ BeretEst. $15-$1,000Lot Passed