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Roman Marble Reliefs of Two Cupids 1st ,3rd  Century ADAncient Greek  Ring with IbexRoman Bronze Brooch Letter S 1st - 3rd Century AD
Thornton Heath, Surrey, United Kingdom
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Ancient Art and Jewellery, Ancient Coins

Bronze Age, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Medieval Ancient Art, Jewelry and Ancient Coins
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Ancient Greek Ring with Ibex: Ancient Greek Ring with Ibex 4th-2nd century BC A bronze ring comprising a D-section hoop, rectangular bezel , advancing ibex amid vegetation. 4.79 grams, 23mm overall, 22.04mm internal diameter
0002: Ancient Greek Ring with IbexEst. £150-£250Lot Passed
Viking Silver Bull Pendant: Viking Silver Bull Pendant 10th, 12th Century AD A silver bull pendant with loop intact-wearable. 3.67 grams, 18.29mm. Property of European collector, acquired on the German art market. Items comes
0009: Viking Silver Bull PendantEst. £80-£120
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Ancient Greek or Roman Slingshot: Ancient Greek or Roman Slingshot with Inscription 3rd c. BC - 1st c. ADA Greek or Roman lead slingshot with inscription . Fine condition, nice patina. Measurement: around 28 mm , 27 gr. Ex private
0011: Ancient Greek or Roman SlingshotEst. £50-£90
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Christian- Crusaders Bronze Ring: Christian- Crusaders Bronze Ring 10th-12th century ADA massive bronze ring with solid band and pentagonal bezel engraved with image of warrior Saint holding sword; 24mm overall size, 20.49 mm
0012: Christian- Crusaders Bronze RingEst. £120-£200Lot Passed
Roman Silver Snake Bracelet: Roman Silver Snake Bracelet 1st-2nd century AD. A silver C-section bracelet, the terminals depicting stylized snake heads with hatched line decoration and punched pellets as eyes and nostrils. 12.3
0013: Roman Silver Snake BraceletEst. £140-£220
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CRUSADERS BRONZE CROSS: CRUSADERS BRONZE CROSS 12th-13en century AD A wearable bronze cross with smooth green patina. 10.44 grams total, 40.4mm / 28 mm. Very fine condition. The time Latin Empire conquers Byzantine
0014: CRUSADERS BRONZE CROSSEst. £100-£160
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Greek Signet Ring with Coronation Scene: Greek Signet Ring with Coronation Scene5th-3rd century AD. A bronze finger ring with oval bezel, intaglio scene of a standing nude male holding a pouch and figure behind holding a laurel wreath
0018: Greek Signet Ring with Coronation SceneEst. £140-£250
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Roman Gold Ring with Pan Gemstone: Roman Gold Ring with Pan Gemstone2nd century AD A carnelian intaglio of the god Pan mounting a goat, set in a gold finger ring with keeled hoop. Cf. Chadour, A.B. Rings. The Alice and Louis Koch
0020: Roman Gold Ring with Pan GemstoneEst. £1,200-£2,000Lot Passed
Iron Age Celtic Ring: Iron Age Celtic Ring Bronze ring with engraved bezel . Property of a south London collector; acquired before 1980. Very fine condition. 9 grams, internal diameter 22.2 mm. USA size 12 1/2, UK size Z.
0021: Iron Age Celtic RingEst. £60-£80
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Late Antiquity- Archer Ring: Late Antiquity- Archer Ring 5th, 7th Century AD A bronze archer ring with dark green-black patina .25.23 mm max internal diameter, 6.25 g. Fine condition.Provenance: Ex European collector.Item
0022: Late Antiquity- Archer RingEst. £50-£80Lot Passed
Late Medieval Lady's Ring: Late Medieval Lady's Ring 15en -16en century ADO-sectioned late Medieval silver ring with large hollow bezel ;11 gr, 18.85 mm internal diameter. Property of a European gentleman; acquired in the
0023: Late Medieval Lady's RingEst. £120-£180Lot Passed