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1212: Matchbox Preproduction No.57 Eccles Caravan
1211: Matchbox Preproduction No.17 AEC Horse Box1749: A small golden mohair Teddy Bear, British, c1910
Stockton on Tees, United Kingdom
DoneWed, Mar 16, 2005 9:30 AM UTC

Matchbox Magic 12 & Dolls and Teddy Bears

The second day of Matchbox Magic 12 - a sale of over 400 lots of high quality Matchbox - including Regular Wheels, Superfast, Kingsize and Major Packs, Yesteryears and others. The second half of the sale consists of 500 lots of collectable dolls and teddy bears such as Hermann, Steiff, Merrythought,Barbie, Armand Marseille and many other wellknown manufacturers.