AuctionBlocks Marble Auction #57 2003-08-24 Auction - 270 Price Results - Block's Marble Auctions, LLC in CT
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155: BB Marbles: Peltier Betty Comic1: BB Marbles: Handpainted Sulphide14: BB Marbles: Cobalt Blue Base Latticinio
DoneAug 25, 2003 4:20 PM EDT
Trumbull, CT, United States
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AuctionBlocks Marble Auction #57

AuctionBlocks Marble Auction #57
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BB Marbles: Handpainted Sulphide: SULPHIDE. Handpainted sulphide. Figure is seated cow, chewing its cud. Green ground. Black spots, ears, eyes, nostrils and mouth. Set slightly off-center. Small air bubble on one side. Some light
0001: BB Marbles: Handpainted SulphideEst. $1,500-$3,000Lot Passed
BB Marbles: Lion Sulphide: SULPHIDE. Figure is a standing lion. Nice detail to the figure. Well-centered. Small silvering air bubble on one side. Several very tiny moons and pits. Germany, circa 1870-1915. 1-1/16". Near
0002: BB Marbles: Lion SulphideEst. $125-$250Lot Passed
BB Marbles: Solid Core Swirl: SWIRL, Solid core. Opaque yellow solid core. Four lobes. Two have pink in them, one has green, one has blue. Outer layer is four pair of white strands. Nicely faceted pontil. One melt pit, one very
0007: BB Marbles: Solid Core SwirlEst. $80-$175Lot Passed
BB Marbles: Peppermint Swirl: SWIRL, Peppermint. Transparent clear base. Opaque white subsurface layer. Two wide blue bands, six narrow pink bands. One pit. Germany, circa 1870-1915. 21/32". Mint(-) (9.0).
0009: BB Marbles: Peppermint SwirlEst. $60-$125Lot Passed
BB Marbles: Ribbon Core Swirl: SWIRL, Ribbon core. Very unusual ribbon core swirl. Opaque white ribbon with green center. Outer layer is two bands on either side, floating above the ribbon face. Each band is transparent pink,
0017: BB Marbles: Ribbon Core SwirlEst. $450-$900Lot Passed
BB Marbles: Ribbon Core Swirl: SWIRL, Ribbon core. Single ribbon core. Core is opaque white. Blue and pink bands on one side, green and pink bands on the other. Outer layer is four bands. Two are a pair of yellow strands, one is
0018: BB Marbles: Ribbon Core SwirlEst. $300-$600Lot Passed