Asian Art Auction on Jul 22, 2021 by Oak Ridge Auction Ltd in Edinburgh
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19TH  embroidered dragon robeYuan,Blue and white phoenix plateWang Jian, landscape painting
Starts on: Jul 22, 2021 8:30 AM EDT
Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Asian Art Auction

Asian art, antiques, calligraphy and painting auction, more than 300 kinds of Chinese ceramics, artworks and traditional Chinese paintings were sold. Hard stone and jade carvings of various private collections in the United Kingdom. The sale of "Asian art, antiques, calligraphy and painting auction" provides an opportunity for those who start to collect and build their own experts to obtain ideal works at various affordable prices.
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Lapis Lazuli Snuff Bottle: This snuff bottle is exquisitely carved and well selected, giving people a pleasant feeling¡£high 5cm,wide 3.2cm
0001: Lapis Lazuli Snuff BottleEst. £300-£400£200
19TH agate snuff bottle: This snuff bottle is small and cute, with exquisite craftsmanship. The color is warm and even, and the double-sided art is applied, which makes the whole utensil look simple and elegant.high 6cm,wide
0003: 19TH agate snuff bottleEst. £500-£600£300
18TH Amber snuff bottle: This snuff bottle is made of Amber. It has excellent color, skillful carving and is actually the best.high 5cm,wide 4cm
0004: 18TH Amber snuff bottleEst. £500-£600£300
18TH Glass snuff bottle: The body of the pot is made of glass. The overall shape of the pot is regular and rigorous. It is carved in the form of dragon pattern. The workmanship is exquisite and the composition is ingenious.Lo
0006: 18TH Glass snuff bottleEst. £500-£600£300
19TH Turquoise snuff bottle: The snuff bottle is made of turquoise, with good shape and material. Its carving is exquisite, with different shapes on both sides, which makes people think of elegant. Worth collecting,wide 4cm,high
0008: 19TH Turquoise snuff bottleEst. £800-£1,200£600
18TH Hetian Topaz Gourd Bottle: The overall round carving of this jade bottle is gourd-shaped, with exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite and rounded curves, "bat" and "lu" are homonyms of "Fu Lu", implying both good luck and good luck
0009: 18TH Hetian Topaz Gourd BottleEst. £1,500-£2,000£1,000
18TH Tea glaze bottle: Whole body applied tea leaves pure color glaze. The body has no carvings, and its color is elegant and quiet, rich in natural charm, especially gentle and elegant,high 5.5cm
0010: 18TH Tea glaze bottleEst. £500-£600£300
18TH Glass snuff bottle: high 5.6cm,wide 4.5cm
0011: 18TH Glass snuff bottleEst. £500-£600£300
19TH Crystal snuff bottle: This snuff bottle is transparent and pure, with regular crystal grinding,Exquisite craftsmanship£¬ gentle polishing and very elegant,high 8.5cm,wide 6.5cm
0014: 19TH Crystal snuff bottleEst. £800-£1,200£600
18TH Glass Snuff Bottle: The shape is unique and elegant, the drawing patterns are natural and smooth and beautiful, and the foot repair is regular. It is a rare boutique.high 5.5cm,wide 5cm
0016: 18TH Glass Snuff BottleEst. £800-£1,200£600
19TH Agate snuff bottle: This snuff bottle is undoubtedly made of agate. The overall material is excellent, the decoration is beautiful, the carving is exquisite and smooth, the technique is vivid £¬Such a beautifully carve
0017: 19TH Agate snuff bottleEst. £1,500-£2,000£1,000
19TH Agate snuff bottle: This snuff bottle is exquisitely carved, well-selected materials, well-shaped, and worthy of collectionThis snuff bottle is exquisitely carved, well-selected materials, well-shaped, and worthy of coll
0018: 19TH Agate snuff bottleEst. £800-£1,200£600
Celadon Pisces Plate: The color of this product is warm, the enamel is thick, the shape is correct, and it is well preserved¡£high 3.5cm£¬wide 13.8cm
0019: Celadon Pisces PlateEst. £800-£1,200£600
White porcelain bowl: The overall shape is regular, the curve is beautiful,the lines are clear, and the lines flow naturally; the collection is beautiful and smart, the glaze is rich, glazed, the glaze is glazed and smooth
0020: White porcelain bowlEst. £500-£600£300
Jun kiln bowl: The shape of this bowl is simple and dignified, the extraordinary kiln changes, the exquisite glaze color, and the elegant but not vulgar charm highlight its noble status in the field of traditional C
0022: Jun kiln bowlEst. £500-£600£300
Ge Yao Huakou Plate: Its texture is even, the color is light and elegant, and it is intoxicating,This is dignified, simple and beautiful, the glaze is moist and thick, simple and solemn, and the craftsmanship is exquisite
0023: Ge Yao Huakou PlateEst. £500-£600£300
celadon plate: The painting is exquisite, the layout is complete, the glaze is smooth, and the whole is complete and magnificent. Simple but elegant.high 3.5cm,wide 16cm
0024: celadon plateEst. £500-£600£300