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80178: 80178 BB Marbles: Crease Transition 1-1/16" 8.9
80209: 80209 BB Marbles: Akro Silver Oxblood80049: 80049 BB Marbles: Banded Lutz 9/16" 9.0
Trumbull, CT, United States
DoneFri, May 27, 2005 10:00 PM UTC

AuctionBlocks Spring Marble Auctions

This series of five auctions are a combination of three collections. A New York collection, containing a number of nice lutzes. A Virginia collection that has some nice machine mades. And an Illinois collection containing a number of good handmades, and a large assortment of contemporaries.

Each collection contained a large number of damaged and common marbles, so there are some large sorting groups in here too.

Each collection is being sold in total. No reserves on any of this.