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303: Wheel Lock, Long Arm, German, Mid 17th Century, Lo
37: Wrist Watches, 3, Man's, (A) Omega Speedmaster, Mul4: German Dagger and Knife, (A) Officer's Dress Dagger,
Richmond, VA, United States
DoneWed, Oct 27, 2010 9:00 PM UTC

World Class Firearms Auction (Pre 1898)

World Class Antique & Sporting Firearms Auction. Already consigned: 200+ fine firearms and other weapons spanning the 17th-20th centuries, including wheel locks, flintlocks, and percussion – makers include Colt, Winchester, Harpers Ferry, Enfield, Sharps, Kentucky rifles, L.C. Smith, Browning Citori, LeMat, Sharps, Starr, Nambu, Luger & more. This auction will also feature various Civil War and Native American artifacts including mortar shell fragments, arrow heads, and more.