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60: Yvonne Todd, Bo-Drene
65: Thomas Ruff, Portrait (S. Ergolovitch)  66: Bill Henson
Auckland, New Zealand
DoneThu, Jun 9, 2011 7:00 AM UTC

Important Photographs

2010 was a watershed year for photography at auction in New Zealand. A+O 's May 2010 Important Photographs auction saw numerous artist records set and strong interest for artists including Laurence Aberhart, Fiona Pardington, Michael Parekowhai, Peter Peryer, Ann Shelton, Mark Adams and many others. The expanding collector interest in photography was confirmed again during A+O's dedicated Brian Brake auction which again saw artist records set on a number of occasions during the auction. 2010 saw over $500 000 of photographic work sold at auction at ART+OBJECT, a figure unthinkable even a few years ago. The upcoming catalogue will provide a wonderful counterpoint to the Seresin collection of 20th century works and will include major works by Bill Henson, Michael Parekowhai and an extremely rare suite by Austrian photographer Ernst Haas (1921 - 1986) entitled 'The Creation'.
44: Brian Brake
45: Brian Brake
46: Brian Brake