The Antique and Art Connection 2022-07-25 Auction - 669 Price Results - Estuary Auctions in Abu Dhabi
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An Antique Ferehan CarpetAn old 18k gold Italian knotted ribbon-shaped necklaceThe complete set of Bronze Medals made by Huguenin.
DoneJul 25, 2022 5:40 AM EDT
City of Lights, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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The Antique and Art Connection

Estuary Auctions provides its clients with a medium for the exchange of specially selected and carefully filtered consignments, covering a wide spectrum from decorative pieces to collectible items. Our collection consists of international treasures carefully selected by our experts and portraying different time periods from the Orient and the West. Our items include, ceramics & glass, jewelry, silver, watches & clocks, rugs & textiles, furniture, sculptures and more.
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An Antique Ferehan Carpet: A very fine high quality Antique Ferehan carpet (Central Persia) wool on cotton. Herati design red and blue colors. Circa 1880 Approx. Dim: 625 x 210cm
0001: An Antique Ferehan CarpetEst. $5,700-$6,700Lot Passed
A Meshed Carpet: A very fine high quality Meshed carpet (North East Persia) signed by Saber.Wool on cotton in a very good condition. Circa 1950. Approx. Dim. 555 x 450cm
0002: A Meshed CarpetEst. $13,500-$20,000Lot Passed
A Kerman Carpet: A Kerman carpet of multi boteh designs. Approx. 129x175cm
0003: A Kerman CarpetEst. $2,200-$3,200Lot Passed
A Kashan Carpet: A geometrical design Kashan (Persia) Joshagan design. Wool on Cotton. Circa 1940. Approx. 213x140cm
0004: A Kashan CarpetEst. $2,200-$3,200Lot Passed
A Tehran Carpet: An early 19th century Tehran carpet (Persia) wool on silk arch and pillar design. Circa 1920. Approx. 214x140cm
0005: A Tehran CarpetEst. $3,800-$4,800
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A Shiraz Khamseh rug: An antique three medallion design Shiraz Khamseh rug (Persia) restored with new fringes. Circa 1900. Approx. Dim: 120 x 84cm
0006: A Shiraz Khamseh rugEst. $850-$1,100Lot Passed
A Talish Rug: An antique Talish rug (Azerbaijan) red, blue, and beige colors, wool on wool. Circa 1890. Approx. Dim: 173 x 115cm
0007: A Talish RugEst. $1,800-$2,300Lot Passed
A Bukhara Turkman Carpet: A very fine late 19th century Bukhara Turkman carpet, red color, wool on wool. In good condition. Circa 1890. Approx. Dim: 280 x 188cm
0008: A Bukhara Turkman CarpetEst. $2,700-$3,200Lot Passed
A Qum Carpet: A signed silk Qum carpet of saffron colors. Approx. 154x99cm
0009: A Qum CarpetEst. $1,500-$2,000Lot Passed
A Nain Habibian Carpet: A mid - 20th century Nain Habibian carpet, wool on cotton. Circa 1950. Approx. 223x150cm
0010: A Nain Habibian CarpetEst. $3,800-$4,800Lot Passed
A pair of Kashan Carpet: A pair of early 20th century Kashan carpet (Persia) wool on cotton medallion design. Circa 1940. Approx. 206x132cm each
0012: A pair of Kashan CarpetEst. $6,000-$6,500Lot Passed
A Zakho Kilim Carpet: An early 20th century Zakho Kilim (Kurdistan - Iraq), red color, wool on wool. Circa 1900. Approx. Dim: 223 x 137cm
0013: A Zakho Kilim CarpetEst. $950-$1,300Lot Passed
A Kurdish Caucasian Carpet: A Kurdish Caucasian boteh motif design rug. Wool on wool with natural dyes and colors. Circa 1920. Approx. 230x110cm
0014: A Kurdish Caucasian CarpetEst. $700-$800Lot Passed
A Kerman Lavar Carpet: An early 20th century antique Kerman Lavar carpet (Persia) wool on cotton. Circa 1910. Approx. 240x144cm
0015: A Kerman Lavar CarpetEst. $4,500-$5,500
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A Qashqai Rug: A very fine high quality Qashqai rug (Persia) multi medallion design with unusual borders in very good condition, wool on wool. Circa 1890. Approx. Dim: 232 x 145cm
0016: A Qashqai RugEst. $3,300-$5,000Lot Passed
An Isfahan Ahmadi Carpet: An early 20th century Isfahan Ahmadi (Persia) wool on cotton. Circa 1900. Approx. 227x146cm
0017: An Isfahan Ahmadi CarpetEst. $4,000-$5,000Lot Passed
A Bijar Kilim (W. Persia): A semi antique Bijar Kilim (W. Persia)with Gulfarang design (French flower).Wool on wool.Circa 1940. Approx. 219x136 cm
0018: A Bijar Kilim (W. Persia)Est. $500-$600Lot Passed
A Samnan Carpet: An early 20th century Samnan (Persia) carpet wool on cotton, arch design. Circa 1920. Approx. 202x133cm
0019: A Samnan CarpetEst. $2,900-$3,500Lot Passed
An Isfahan Carpet: A 20th century Isfahan (Persia) wool on silk carpet medallion design. Approx. 165x113cm
0020: An Isfahan CarpetEst. $1,500-$1,700Lot Passed
A Lezgi Rug: An early 20th century very fine Lezgi rug (Azerbaijan) wool on wool multi medallion design, red, blue, and beige colors. Circa 1900. Approx. Dim: 152 x 110cm
0021: A Lezgi RugEst. $1,900-$2,600Lot Passed
A Malayer Runner: An early 20th century Malayer (Persia) runner boteh design, red color, wool on cotton. Circa 1900. Approx. Dim: 355 x 104cm
0022: A Malayer RunnerEst. $1,400-$2,100Lot Passed
A Caucasian Rug: A late 19th century boteh design Caucasian (Azerbaijan) rug with blue, red, and beige colors wool on wool. Circa 1890. Approx. Dim: 174 x 110cm
0023: A Caucasian RugEst. $1,900-$2,800Lot Passed
A Pair of Shirvan Rugs: A very fine late 19th century pair of multicolored Shirvan rugs (Azerbaijan) wool on wool. Circa 1890. Approx. Dim: 162 x 93cm each
0024: A Pair of Shirvan RugsEst. $4,200-$5,500Lot Passed