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73: Pulaski Point
52: Scottsbluff Point32: Godar Point
Perry, MO, United States
DoneOct 24, 2011 11:00 PM UTC

Richardson's 3rd Ancient Artifact Dollar Sale

Come join us for our 3rd Ancient Artifact Dollar Sale! All Items start at $1 with no reserve! The Richardsons go to a great deal of time and trouble at their expense to cull out of our Ancient Lithic Auctions any fake or reproductions. They also have several authenticators as well as many collectors helping to do this. The arrowheads in this sale or any other past or present auction when stating Ancient Lithics are guaranteed authentic and are original in our opinion and usually in others opinion as well. We can however make mistakes. Please draw to our attention or share any knowledge with us to help keep and maintain the Richardson's Auction house to be the safest place to invest and collect ancient arrowheads, Our ancient ancestors kept styles of arrowheads going that they developed over many years keeping them pure from change as a tradition as for any other reason. This is the same all around the world. We owe it to them, ourselves and future collectors to keep their arrowheads as original as the day they were knapped and to preserve them forever.