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68: Michael Jackson Stage Worn HIStory Tour Crystal Glo
12: My Little Pony Hand Drawn Animation Sketches81: Thermian Costume from Galaxy Quest
El Segundo, CA, United States
DoneMar 24, 2012 6:00 PM UTC

Hollywood Auction Extravaganza V- Session 1

Get ready for Premiere Props' Hollywood Auction Extravaganza V featuring over 1,000 movie costumes and props from the Golden era of Hollywood to present, This 2 day event spotlights a collection from Michael Jackson and Madonna to the cars from the Fast and Furious and the Sopranos, Darth Vader's stunt Lightsaber from Star Wars, the iconic wicker chair from the Addams Family, a rare John Wayne bible, costumes from Cary Grant, Al Jolson, plus so many more iconic items. Plus many of the major props and costumes from the soon to be released "Mirror Mirror" starring Julia Roberts and Lilly Collins; a full size complete screen worn costume of Michael Myers from Halloween H20 including his bloody coveralls, mask and knife; to the infamous stage worn crystal glove worn by music legend MIchael Jackson during his HIStory tour--be sure to register now to be part of this amazing live event!