Hubert Guerrand-Hermes L'hotel de Lannion 2023-12-14 Auction - 228 Price Results - Sotheby's in France
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Abraham Bloemaert: Abraham Bloemaert 1566 - 1651 Studies of a Man Warming his hands over a Brazier Red chalk, heightened with white, within brown ink framing lines 155 by 181 mm
0107: Abraham BloemaertEst. €12,000-€18,000Lot Closed
Hans Bol: Hans Bol 1534 - 1593 Diane et Actéon Gouache, heightened with gold, within a gold border affixed to surface on all four sides, on vellum laid down on panel; signed and dated,
0108: Hans BolEst. €40,000-€60,000Lot Closed
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo: Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 1727 - 1804 A sea nymph Pen and brown ink and wash over traces of black chalk; signed in pen and brown ink, lower right: Dom Tiepolo 280 by 130 mm
0109: Giovanni Domenico TiepoloEst. €7,000-€9,000Lot Closed
Artus Quellinus: Artus Quellinus 1609 - 1668 Recto: Study for Neptune Verso: Studies of hands Red, black and white chalk and red wash (recto), red chalk (verso) 338 by 195 mm
0110: Artus QuellinusEst. €4,000-€6,000Lot Closed
Eugène Delacroix: Eugène Delacroix 1798 - 1863 Male nude, seen from behind Atelier stamp, lower right (Lugt 838a) Pencil 289 x 169 mm ____________________________________________ Eugène
0111: Eugène DelacroixEst. €7,000-€9,000Lot Closed
Abraham Bloemaert: Abraham Bloemaert 1566 - 1651 A Reclining young man and three studies of old mens' heads Red Chalk, heightened with white, within pen and brown ink framing lines 154 by 178 mm
0112: Abraham BloemaertEst. €8,000-€12,000Lot Closed
Joseph-Charles Marin (1759 - 1834): Joseph-Charles Marin 1759 - 1834 Vestal holding a flower basket circa 1790 terracotta Height. 12⅝ in. ____________________________________________ Joseph-Charles Marin 1759 - 1834
0115: Joseph-Charles Marin (1759 - 1834)Est. €8,000-€12,000Lot Closed
Jean-Baptiste Pillement: Jean-Baptiste Pillement 1727 - 1808 A pair of pastoral scenes Both black, blue and red chalk, within pen and brown ink framing lines; both signed and dated, in pen and ink, lower left: Jean
0117: Jean-Baptiste PillementEst. €3,000-€4,000Lot Closed
Jean-Baptiste Huët: Jean-Baptiste Huët 1745 - 1811 A) An elegant lady in a garden with her dog, seated in profile, embroidering. B) An elegant lady in an interior with her cat, seated in profile, holding a
0118: Jean-Baptiste HuëtEst. €2,500-€3,500Lot Closed
Jean-Baptiste Oudry: Jean-Baptiste Oudry 1686 - 1755 A fox and a pheasant Black chalk heightened with white on blue paper; signed and dated, lower right: JB. Oudry / 1752 408 x 302 mm
0119: Jean-Baptiste OudryEst. €4,000-€6,000Lot Closed
François Boucher: François Boucher 1703 - 1770 The Three Graces sorrounded by cupids and nymphs Pen and brown ink and shades of brown wash over red chalk, within black ink framing lines 310 x 230 mm
0120: François BoucherEst. €3,000-€4,000Lot Closed