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Torino, Italy
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Decorative arts & Design

Decorative arts & Design
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Gallé Emile: Cormet vase on round base, with anemone garnish engraved with acids, colours violet and white, H 12.21 in, with Gallé signature.
0001: Gallé EmileEst. €2,700-€3,600Lot Passed
Gallé Emile: Vase in double glass with round base, garnished with a lacustrine landscape engraved with acids, colours brown and aqua green, H 8,87 in, Gallé signature.
0002: Gallé EmileEst. €1,800-€2,400Lot Passed
Barovier Ercole: Glass centerpiece colour aquamarine shell shaped, produced by Barovier and Toso, about 1942, H 7x13x9 in
0003: Barovier ErcoleEst. €1,500-€2,000
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Barovier Ercole: Iridescent glass centerpiece shell shaped, produced by Barovier and Toso, about 1942, H 6 x 12 x 8 in. Bibliography: Attilia Dorigato, "Ercole Barovier vetraio muranese- 1889/1974", Marsilio,
0004: Barovier ErcoleEst. €450-€600Lot Passed
Afra & Tobia Scarpa: Vase series "Occhi", produced by Venini in 1960's, diameter 5,50 in, signed under the base.
0005: Afra & Tobia ScarpaEst. €2,200-€3,000
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Barovier & Toso: Ribbed spherical vase of clear glass with mica inclusions and applied grape clusters. 7x8 in
0006: Barovier & TosoEst. €450-€600Lot Passed
Brusotti (att.): Glass shield with the Three Graces engraved, chrome frame, 1930's, 37,80x23,25 in
0007: Brusotti (att.)Est. €900-€1,200Lot Passed
Daum France: Big crystal sail, incised signature "Daum", H 20,88 in. Bibliography: "Daum", a cura di G. Bacri, Silvana Edizioni.
0008: Daum FranceEst. €1,200-€1,600Lot Passed
Tura Aldo: Desk lamp with structure of lacquered wood and parchment, "Aldo Tura" label under the base, 1950's, H 15,75 in
0009: Tura AldoEst. €300-€400Lot Passed
Giudici Gino: Chaise longue designed for Club Lido (Locarno, Italy), with zinc-plated metal tubes and seat in fabric, 1938. in 37x21,65x39,80
0010: Giudici GinoEst. €1,200-€1,600Lot Passed
Barovier Ercole: Chandelier with a big central bowl made of gold leaf glass, produced during 1940's, H 45,70 in, diameter 13,80 in
0011: Barovier ErcoleEst. €750-€1,000
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Venini: Floor lamp with structure of "sommerso" glass and base of brass, produced by Venini, 1930's, H 66,93 in, diameter 12,60 in, Bibliography: Blue Catalog Venini, pg.502, tav.153
0012: VeniniEst. €1,200-€1,600
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Pagano Giuseppe: Sofa with structure of plywood, seat and back of woven rope, 1950's, in 25x47,70x23,65
0013: Pagano GiuseppeEst. €750-€1,000Lot Passed
Pagano Giuseppe: Desk with chair, made of walnut,1930's,designed for Bocconi University, Milan, produced by Gino Maggioni Varedo, in 30,73x55,16x30,34
0014: Pagano GiuseppeEst. €1,200-€1,600Lot Passed
Buffa Paolo: Couple of armchairs with structure of wood and floral pillows, 1940's, in 23,25x23,65x31,50
0015: Buffa PaoloEst. €750-€1,000
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Floor Lamp: Floor lamp model Luminator, made of brass, Italian production, 1940's, H 69,34 in
0016: Floor LampEst. €300-€400Lot Passed
Osvaldo Borsani (att.): Coffee table, made of white lacquered wood and mirror glass, in 31,50x26x19
0017: Osvaldo Borsani (att.)Est. €500-€700
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Halabala Jindrich: Couple of armchairs model H269 in bent wood, produced by Tonet in 1930, H in 30,30x28x36,20
0018: Halabala JindrichEst. €2,700-€3,600
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Halabala Jindrich: Coffee table with top of walnut veneer and legs of beechwood, produced by Thonet, 1930's H in 24,40x25,20x25,20
0019: Halabala JindrichEst. €600-€800Lot Passed
Josef Hoffmann: Winged armchair mod. 666 with structure of bentwood covered by floreal fabric, designed for J&J Kohn, about 1905, H 47,30 x 27,97 x 27,58 in, bibliography: Khon catalog 1906, pg. 40
0020: Josef HoffmannEst. €1,800-€2,400
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Chandelier: Etched glass chandelier with structure of brass, Italian production, 1940's, H 43,30 in, diameter 31,50 in
0021: ChandelierEst. €1,200-€1,600Lot Passed
Couple of armchairs: 1950's armchairs covered by fabric with floreal decoration, structure of wood and feet of beechwood, Italian productions, 1950's, H 36,60x27,60x29,50 in
0022: Couple of armchairsEst. €450-€600Lot Passed
Consolle: Consolle made of black varnished wood with crystal shelf and drawers with golden handle, Italian production, H 34,30x47,30x13,40 in
0023: ConsolleEst. €600-€800
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Small table and stools: Lot formed by a small table and 2 stools inlaid with various wood essences, produced in Sorrento, Italy in 1960's.
0024: Small table and stoolsEst. €300-€400Lot Passed