Collectors Auction 2013-07-23 Auction - 394 Price Results - SAN CARLO ASTE in it
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Foam pipeSilver iconCrespi Giuseppe Maria (Lo Spagnolo)
Torino, Italy
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Great collections of pipes, watches and much more.
Lot Number: Lowest
Tressa Lux: "Spaceman" made of steel, 1970's, diameter mm 42
0001: Tressa LuxEst. €500-€700Lot Passed
Calder Alexander: Calder 1972, litograph, cm 80x58
0002: Calder AlexanderEst. €200-€300Lot Passed
Magnelli Alberto: Musée Cantini - Marseille, 1970, litograph, cm 74x48
0003: Magnelli AlbertoEst. €150-€200Lot Passed
Chagall Marc: Aragon - Malraux, 1977, litograph, cm 75x40
0004: Chagall MarcEst. €200-€300Lot Passed
Eberhard: Chronograph made of 925 silver and covered by gold with two counters, diameter mm 38
0005: EberhardEst. €1,000-€1,400Lot Passed
Lucien Rochat: Chronograph made of yellow gold, 1990's, diameter mm 37
0006: Lucien RochatEst. €1,800-€2,400Lot Passed
Immersion: Model Colombiadi
0007: ImmersionEst. €200-€300Lot Passed
Immersion: Model Colombiadi
0008: ImmersionEst. €150-€200Lot Passed
Zenith: Chronograph mod. Epervier, made of steel and details gold plated, 1990's, diameter mm 39
0009: ZenithEst. €1,800-€2,400Lot Passed
Universal: Just time with manual loading, diameter mm 34
0010: UniversalEst. €1,000-€1,400Lot Passed
Corum: Lingotto, watch made from a bar of 10g from UBS, mm 35x20
0011: CorumEst. €1,500-€2,000Lot Passed
Rolex: Oyster Perpetual ref. 6567 made of yellow gold, 1960's, diameter mm 34
0012: RolexEst. €2,200-€3,000Lot Passed
Watch: Small quartz watch
0013: WatchEst. €150-€200Lot Passed
Roundex: Chronograph replica 1930's, 1995, diameter mm 38
0014: RoundexEst. €450-€600Lot Passed
Pendulum clock: Pendulum clock made of aluminum, France, early XX century
0015: Pendulum clockEst. €750-€1,000Lot Passed
Pipe: Wooden pipe with garnished clay chamber
0017: PipeEst. €350-€500Lot Passed
Lot of 10 silk-screen printing: Lot of 10 silk-screen printing: Francesco Casorati, Mauro Chessa, Tino Aime, Giorgio Ramella, each cm 50x70 except one cm 20x15
0018: Lot of 10 silk-screen printingEst. €900-€1,200Lot Passed
Tissot: Chronograph Daydate with three counters, 1990's, diameter mm 39
0020: TissotEst. €650-€900Lot Passed
Pipe: Yddish pipe made of wood and silver, cm 28
0021: PipeEst. €1,500-€2,000Lot Passed
Lucien Rochat: Just time made of gold and steel, 1990's, cm 40x36
0022: Lucien RochatEst. €1,500-€2,000Lot Passed
Lucien Rochat: Chronograph with three counters, with case and warranty
0023: Lucien RochatEst. €2,000-€2,800Lot Passed
Rolex: Oyster Perpetual ref. 6085 mod. Ovoncino, made of pink gold 1950's, diameter mm 33
0024: RolexEst. €2,400-€3,200Lot Passed
Theorein: Pocket watch with ringtone.
0025: TheoreinEst. €1,500-€2,000Lot Passed
Watch: Watch with case made of a new 500 lire coin, diameter mm 32
0026: WatchEst. €600-€800Lot Passed