Wise Collector's Auction 2013-09-23 Auction - 193 Price Results - SAN CARLO ASTE in it
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Torino, Italy
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Wise Collector's Auction

Wise Collector's Auction
Lot Number: Lowest
Apothecary vase: Apothecary vase "Grasso di Becho", H cm 17
0001: Apothecary vaseEst. €2,200-€3,000Lot Passed
Apothecary vase: Apothecary vase "Storace Roass", H cm 17
0002: Apothecary vaseEst. €2,200-€3,000Lot Passed
Apothecary vase: Apothecary vase "Ungeciziach", H cm 17
0003: Apothecary vaseEst. €2,200-€3,000Lot Passed
Hermes: A Limoges porcelain set Toucans composed by 6 dinner dishes, 6 soup dishes, 6 fruit dishes, France end XX century
0004: HermesEst. €2,200-€3,000
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Serralunga Luigi: Roses, oil on canvas, cm 70x100, signed in the upper left
0005: Serralunga LuigiEst. €2,200-€3,000Lot Passed
Casparus Johannes Morel: Docking ship, oil on canvas, cm 50x40
0006: Casparus Johannes MorelEst. €2,200-€3,000
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Vacheron & Constantin: Time Just made of yellow gold, manula charge, 1960's, diameter mm 34
0007: Vacheron & ConstantinEst. €3,000-€4,000
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Couple of vases: A couple of Caltagirone vases, XIX century
0008: Couple of vasesEst. €3,000-€4,000Lot Passed
Corinthian olpe: Etruscan - Corinthina olpe made of light clay, H cm 40, VI century b.C.
0009: Corinthian olpeEst. €2,200-€3,000Lot Passed
Cachepot: Cachepot, H cm 47 / 76, XX century
0010: CachepotEst. €750-€1,000
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Lavrenko Boris: A soldier in a store, oil on cardboard backed on linen, signed in the lower left, 1960, cm 26,5x28,5
0011: Lavrenko BorisEst. €2,200-€3,000Lot Passed
Waterman: Masonic Fountain Pen model "42", white and yellow gold with sapphire cabochon
0012: WatermanEst. €1,500-€2,000
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Lenci Torino: Lenci lamp with fishes, H cm 46
0013: Lenci TorinoEst. €3,750-€5,000Lot Passed
Fireplace: Fireplace made of wood with mirror, 1930's
0014: FireplaceEst. €750-€1,000Lot Passed
Jacques Boselli: A ceramic vase guarnished with mithological images, early XX century
0015: Jacques BoselliEst. €1,500-€2,000
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Nespolo Ugo: Ex libris Autodamè, acrylic on molded wood, signed in the lower left, 1993, cm 121x75x11
0016: Nespolo UgoEst. €15,000-€20,000Lot Passed
Annigoni Pietro: Red mill, oil on canvas, signed in the lower right, cm 35,5x45,5
0017: Annigoni PietroEst. €20,000-€26,000Lot Passed
Sam Francis: White SF50-161, watercolor and ink on cardboard, 1950, cm 65x98
0018: Sam FrancisEst. €22,000-€30,000Lot Passed
Oriani Pippo: Arlechin en repos, encausto on cast cardboard, signed on the back, 1929/1931, cm 50x60
0019: Oriani PippoEst. €22,000-€30,000Lot Passed
Arman: No title, disambled trumpet on canvas, dark seal, signed in the lower left, 2001, cm 92x61
0020: ArmanEst. €27,000-€36,000Lot Passed
Casorati Felice: Reading girl, tempera on cardboard, signed in the lower right, 1958, cm 48x48
0021: Casorati FeliceEst. €27,000-€36,000Lot Passed
Toti Antonio Scialoja: No title, oil on canvas, signed in the lower right, cm 90x82
0022: Toti Antonio ScialojaEst. €35,000-€50,000Lot Passed
Vedova Emilio: No title, mixed tecnique on paper, signed in the lower right, 1990, cm 29,5x20,5
0023: Vedova EmilioEst. €40,000-€60,000Lot Passed
Kounellis Jannis: No title, oil on canvas, signed in the lower right, 1960, cm 70x100
0024: Kounellis JannisEst. €45,000-€60,000Lot Passed