Antique & Collectible Auction 2004-03-20 Auction - 100 Price Results - Homestead Auctions in OH
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1045: Tiffany Studio Lamp1015: Dated 1769 Telescope with Case1012: Country Store Slant Front Stepback
Norton, OH, United States
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Antique & Collectible Auction

ANTIQUE FURNITURE, LAMPS, COLLECTIBLES, TOYS, ART & MORE.To include Corner Cabinet, Triple Curve China, Solid Tiger Maple Dresser,Side by Side Secretarial, Etc., Tiffany Lamp, Slag Glass Lamps, Art Noveau & Deco Lamps, Bridge Lamps, Etc., Blue Design Crocks, Roseville, Limoge, Primitives, Fry, Imperial Glass, Dolls, Toys ( Marx, Metalcraft, Chein, TPS, Etc.), Art (Prints, Wallace Nuttings, Atkinson Fox, Limoge Etc.)
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Roseville Clematis #668-5 Flower Pot: Roseville Clematis #668-5 Flower Pot in Blue In Excellant Condition
1001: Roseville Clematis #668-5 Flower PotEst. $150-$250
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Circus Car with Box Top: Circus Car with Box Top, Excellant Condition
1002: Circus Car with Box TopEst. $50-$100
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Crackle Fry Foval Creamer: Crackle Fry Foval Creamer with Blue Handle, Excellant Condition
1005: Crackle Fry Foval CreamerEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
Bronze Eagle Sculpture: Bronze Eagle Sculpture Purched on Branch and Pedestal, Wingspan 30 1/2", Height 32"H, Excellant Condtion
1006: Bronze Eagle SculptureEst. $750-$1,000Lot Passed
Atkinson Fox Print: Atkinson Art Print 25 1/2" x 22" Lake Scene
1008: Atkinson Fox PrintEst. $100-$150Lot Passed
I.M.Mead & Co. Ohio Crock: I.M.Mead & Co. Ohio Crock with Blue Coloring, 9 1/2" x 8" Two Handle Jar, Rim Chips, Chip on Handle
1009: I.M.Mead & Co. Ohio CrockEst. $300-$400Lot Passed
Marx Siren Fire Cheif Car: Marx Siren Fire Cheif Car, 14 1/2", Excellant Condition
1010: Marx Siren Fire Cheif CarEst. $400-$600Lot Passed
Roseville Pinecone #908-8 Vase: Roseville Pinecone #908-8 Vase, Blue, Excellant Condition
1011: Roseville Pinecone #908-8 VaseEst. $300-$500Lot Passed
Country Store Slant Front Stepback: Country Store Slant Front Stepback, Painted Blue Interior, with Glass Pane Doors, Two Piece, Excellant Condition
1012: Country Store Slant Front StepbackEst. $2,000-$2,500Lot Passed
Miller & Co. Slag Glass Lamp: Miller & Co. Slag Glass Lamp, Signed on Base, Good Condition, No Damage, 17" Wide Shade and 20" overall Height
1013: Miller & Co. Slag Glass LampEst. $500-$750
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Imperial Slag Covered Compote: Imperial Slag Covered Compote, Eagle Crested, Purple Slag, with Original Labels & Signed, 6 x 5 1/4 x 9"H, Excellant Condtion
1014: Imperial Slag Covered CompoteEst. $150-$200Lot Passed
Dated 1769 Telescope with Case: Dated 1769 Telescope with Case, Singed "Alex Anderson fecit abd 1769" with Dovetail Case, Good Condition
1015: Dated 1769 Telescope with CaseEst. $3,000-$5,000Lot Passed
Fairbanks Porcelain Top Scale: Fairbanks Standard Porcelain Top Scale, Some of the Old Wash Paint Still Exist, Good Condition
1016: Fairbanks Porcelain Top ScaleEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
Atkinson Fox Print: Atkinson Fox Print, Floral Garden, 19 x 15 1/2, Excellant Condtion
1017: Atkinson Fox PrintEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
Weaver HP Free Form Crock: Possible Weaver Hand Painted Free Form Crcok, Rim Chips, Good Condition
1018: Weaver HP Free Form CrockEst. $200-$300Lot Passed
Cox Thimbledrome Racer: Cox Thimbledrome Special Racer with Engine, Excellant Condition
1019: Cox Thimbledrome RacerEst. $500-$600Lot Passed
Solid Tiger Maple Empire Dresser: Solid Tiger Maple Empire Dresser, Four Drawers, Top Cylinder, Column Sided with Scroll Tops, Small Pinpoint chip on top of one column, Small Black stain on top, Excellant Piece
1021: Solid Tiger Maple Empire DresserEst. $1,500-$2,500Lot Passed
Moe Bridges Signed Slag Lamp: Moe Bridges Signed Slag Lamp, Signed on Base, Good Condition, 13" height, Shade 5 1/2"w x 7"h.
1022: Moe Bridges Signed Slag LampEst. $300-$400Lot Passed
JP Limoge HP Tankard: JP Limoge HP Tankard, Artist Signed Dragon Handled, Wear on Goldleaf Handle, Excellant Piece
1023: JP Limoge HP TankardEst. $400-$500Lot Passed
Oak & Chestnut Corner Cabinet: Oak & Chestnut Corner Cabinet, Two Piece, c.1800's, Excellant Condtion
1024: Oak & Chestnut Corner CabinetEst. $2,000-$3,000Lot Passed