DoneApr 21, 2004 9:20 AM EDT
West Caldwell, NJ, United States
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Greg Manning Galleries Sale #208

Welcome to another huge Greg Manning Galleries Sale! They say that variety is the spice of life. If that is so, then this is a very tasty sale, for both collector and dealer alike. Whether it be colletions and lots, United States singles in the $50 to $500 price range, plate blocks, proofs and essays, or British Commonwealth and Foreign mid-range sets and singles, it is all here for your perusal. This auction is also featuring the extensive collection formed by the late Arthur P. Freeman. Arthur P. Freeman, A.P.S. life member #7161, was a most dedicated philatelist. In the 1920's, while just a young boy, he began his collecting endeavors. By the time he was in high school during the 1930's, he had already garnered several youth awards for his United States exhibits. Arthur continued avidly collecting both United States stamps and the issues of The Nordic Countries until his passing, just over a year ago, in his hometown of Seattle, Washington. Arthur's passion for philately continued to the very end. On Thanksgiving evening in 2002, he and his wife attended a party, at which Arthur had a great time discussing myriad topics and demonstrating his intellectual wit. Upon returning home in a jovial mood, and not quite ready to retire for the evening, Arthur bade his wife good night and retreated to his stamp den. Several hours later, Mrs. Freeman noticed his absence and went in search of him. She found him, where he had passed on quietly; slumped at his desk among him numerous collections, stamp tongs still in hand. Arthur P. Freeman, we philatelists salute you! You will be sorely missed.
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1017: #409V,Est. $1,000-$1,500See Sold Price

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