Greentree Foundation Impressionist Paintings 2004-05-05 Auction - 34 Price Results - Sotheby's in NY
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27: Pablo Picasso2: Theodore Gericault, 1791-18245: William Blake, 1757-1827
New York, NY, United States
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Greentree Foundation Impressionist Paintings

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Edgar Degas: 1834-1917 Cheval de selleStamped with the signature (lower left)Pencil on papermeasurements 12 5/8 by 7 1/4 in. alternate measurements 32 by 18.4 cmThe authenticity of this work has kindly been
0001: Edgar DegasEst. $80,000-$120,000See Sold Price
Theodore Gericault, 1791-1824: Cheval de NapoleonPainted circa 1813.Oil on canvasmeasurements 14 1/2 by 18 in. alternate measurements 36.8 by 45.7 cmThe authenticity of this work has kindly been confirmed by Lorenz Eitner.
0002: Theodore Gericault, 1791-1824Est. $500,000-$700,000See Sold Price
Henri Fantin-Latour: 1836-1904 RosesPainted in 1903.Signed Fantin (upper left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 13 1/4 by 13 in. alternate measurements 33.6 by 33 cmThis painting will be included in the catalogue raisonne of
0003: Henri Fantin-LatourEst. $200,000-$300,000See Sold Price
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot: 1796-1875 Chaumieres et Moulins au bord d'un torrent (Morvan ou Auvergne)Painted in 1831.Signed and dated COROT 1831 (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 20 1/2 by 24 3/4 in. alternate measurements
0004: Jean-Baptiste-Camille CorotEst. $1,000,000-$1,500,000See Sold Price
William Blake, 1757-1827: The Good and Evil Angels Struggling for Possession of a ChildInscribed on the verso of the support: Purchased at Sotheby's 28 April 1862./ Lot 182 "Allegorical Subject – A Man holding a Child
0005: William Blake, 1757-1827Est. $1,000,000-$1,500,000See Sold Price
Raoul Dufy: 1877-1953 FETE A SAINTE-ADRESSEPainted in 1906.Signed Raoul Dufy (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 25 1/2 by 31 3/4 in. alternate measurements 63.5 by 79.4 cm PROVENANCE Germaine Dufy, Paris (by
0006: Raoul DufyEst. $1,800,000-$2,200,000See Sold Price
Pablo Picasso: 1881-1973 GARCON A LA PIPEPainted in 1905.Signed Picasso (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 39 1/4 by 32 in. alternate measurements 99.7 by 81.3 cm Estimate Upon Request PROVENANCE Paul
0007: Pablo PicassoEst. $1-$2See Sold Price
Paul Signac: 1863-1935 Collioure Le Mohamed-el-SadokPainted in 1887.Signed P. Signac (lower right); also signed P. Signac and inscribed Le Yawl on the reverseOil on panelmeasurements 10 3/8 by 13 5/8 in.
0008: Paul SignacEst. $500,000-$700,000See Sold Price
Claude Monet: 1840-1926 Bateaux sur le galetPainted in 1884.Signed and dated Claude Monet 84 (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 28 3/4 by 36 1/4 in. alternate measurements 73 by 92 cm PROVENANCE Durand-Ruel,
0009: Claude MonetEst. $2,500,000-$3,500,000See Sold Price
Camille Pissarro: 1830-1903 Pommes en fleurs, temps gris, EragnySigned and dated C. Pissarro, 97 (lower right)Oil on canvasmeasurements 23 3/4 by 28 3/4 in. alternate measurements 60.3 by 73 cmThis work will be
0010: Camille PissarroEst. $900,000-$1,200,000See Sold Price
Pierre-Auguste Renoir: 1841-1919 La foret de MarlyPainted circa 1895.Signed Renoir (lower right)Oil on canvasmeasurements 25 3/4 by 21 1/2 in. alternate measurements 65.4 by 54.6 cmThis work will be included in the
0011: Pierre-Auguste RenoirEst. $700,000-$900,000See Sold Price
Honore Daumier: 1808-1879 Joueurs des cartesPainted circa 1859-62.Signed h. Daumier (lower right)Oil on panelmeasurements 10 5/8 by 13 1/2 in. alternate measurements 26.9 by 34.3 cm PROVENANCE Beguin (by 1878)Paul
0012: Honore DaumierEst. $700,000-$900,000See Sold Price
Edouard Manet: 1832-1883 Les Courses au Bois de BoulognePainted in 1872.Signed and dated Manet 1872 (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 28 5/8 by 37 in. alternate measurements 72.6 by 94 cm PROVENANCE M. Barret,
0013: Edouard ManetEst. $20,000,000-$30,000,000See Sold Price
Pierre-Auguste Renoir: 1841-1919 LiseuseSigned and dated Renoir 77 (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 16 1/4 by 12 7/8 in. alternate measurements 41.3 by 32.5 cmThis work will be included in the forthcoming catalogue
0014: Pierre-Auguste RenoirEst. $1,000,000-$1,500,000See Sold Price
Theodore Gericault: 1791-1824 Officier de Cavalerie a ChevalPainted circa 1822.Watercolor over pencil on papermeasurements 6 3/4 by 5 1/4 in. alternate measurements 17.2 by 13.3 cmThe authenticity of this work has
0015: Theodore GericaultEst. $125,000-$175,000See Sold Price
Alfred de Dreux: 1810-1860 Cheval Blanc Effraye par l'OragePainted circa 1840.Signed Alfred De Dreux (lower right)Oil on canvasmeasurements 21 1/2 by 17 3/4 in. alternate measurements 54.6 by 45.1 cmThe
0016: Alfred de DreuxEst. $200,000-$300,000See Sold Price
Jean-Frederic Bazille: 1841-1870 Pots de fleursSigned and dated F. Bazille 66 (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 39 1/2 by 31 3/4 in. alternate measurements 100.3 by 80.6 cm PROVENANCE Commandant and Mme Hippolyte
0017: Jean-Frederic BazilleEst. $4,000,000-$6,000,000See Sold Price
Edgar Degas: 1834-1917 La promenade des chevauxPainted circa 1892.Stamped with the signature (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 15 1/4 by 35 1/8 in. alternate measurements 38.7 by 89.4 cm PROVENANCE Estate of
0018: Edgar DegasEst. $5,000,000-$7,000,000See Sold Price
Pierre-Auguste Renoir: 1841-1919 La YoleWatercolor on papermeasurements 12 1/2 by 18 3/4 in. alternate measurements 31.8 by 47.6 cm PROVENANCE Madame de Bonnieres (acquired from the artist)Bernheim-Jeune, Paris
0019: Pierre-Auguste RenoirEst. $70,000-$90,000See Sold Price
Edgar Degas: 1834-1917 Avant la coursePainted circa 1882-88.Signed Degas (lower left)Oil on paper laid down on cradled panelmeasurements 11 7/8 by 19 in. alternate measurements 29.9 by 48.3 cm PROVENANCE
0020: Edgar DegasEst. $5,000,000-$7,000,000See Sold Price
Edouard Vuillard: 1868-1940 Demoiselle en rougePainted in 1893.Signed E. Vuillard (lower left)Oil on canvas laid down on cradled panelmeasurements 14 by 9 1/2 in. alternate measurements 35.6 by 24.1 cm PROVENANCE
0021: Edouard VuillardEst. $150,000-$200,000See Sold Price
Odilon Redon: 1840-1916 Fleurs dans un vase vertPainted in 1910.Signed Odilon Redon (lower left)Oil on canvasmeasurements 21 5/8 by 29 3/8 in. alternate measurements 54.8 by 74.2 cm PROVENANCE Dr. W. Sieger,
0022: Odilon RedonEst. $1,800,000-$2,500,000See Sold Price
Edouard Vuillard: 1868-1940 La mere de Vuillard en profilPainted circa 1898.Stamped with the signature (lower right)Oil on canvas laid down on boardmeasurements 13 by 14 7/8 in. alternate measurements 33 by 37.6 cm
0023: Edouard VuillardEst. $700,000-$900,000See Sold Price
Henri Rousseau (dit le Douanier): 1844-1910 Heureux QuatuorPainted in 1902.Signed H Rousseau (lower right)Oil on canvasmeasurements 37 3/8 by 22 7/8 in. alternate measurements 95 by 58 cm PROVENANCE E.R. WeissGalerie Flechtheim,
0024: Henri Rousseau (dit le Douanier)Est. $1,250,000-$1,750,000See Sold Price