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Kerman pictoralSoumakWest Anatolian village rug
Brunn am Gebirge, Austria
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There is no question we are living in the internet age and for this reason Austria Auction has decided to offer our clients an opportunity to purchase an interesting group of rugs and kelims in our first online auction. Unlike other internet only sales we will hold an actual preview where interested buyers can come to see in person and inspect all the lots on offer. We will also hold a real physical auction where buyers can come to bid in person along with other bidders online and left bids. The only difference between this online sale and our catalog auctions is a printed catalog. We believe this format combining a physical preview and auction with an online catalog and live internet bidding will be highly successful and satisfying for our buyers and for us.
Lot Number: Lowest
Brussels Tapestry: Published: Adil Besim „Mythos und Mystik“ Issiu 2, Plate 817ft. 8in. x 6ft. 3in. 233 x 190 cmBrussels circa 1740Wool warp, wool and silk weft
0001: Brussels TapestryEst. €8,000-€10,000Lot Passed
Jaf pile khorjin: Jaf pile khorjin1ft. 1in. x 1ft. 6in. 34 x 46 cmPersia 1890Wool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0002: Jaf pile khorjinEst. €600-€800Lot Passed
Reverse soumak mafrash panel: Reverse soumak mafrash panel3ft. 5in. x 4ft. 9in. 105 x 144 cmCaucasus 1880Wool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0003: Reverse soumak mafrash panelEst. €1,200-€1,600Lot Passed
Peking: Peking7ft. 2in. x 3ft. 11in. 218 x 120 cmChina 1880Cotton warp, cotton weft, wool pile
0004: PekingEst. €1,800-€2,400Lot Passed
Central Anatolian kelim: Central Anatolian kelim3ft. 10in. x 2ft. 10in. 118 x 87 cmTurkey mid 19th centuryCondition: good, few small old repairsWool warp, wool weft
0005: Central Anatolian kelimEst. €700-€1,000
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Fetiyeh kelim: Fetiyeh kelim9ft. x 4ft. 2in. 274 x 128 cmTurkey circa 1860Condition: complete, some wear and abrasion, some holes and small slits, sides and ends incomplete, backed on linenWool warp, wool weft
0006: Fetiyeh kelimEst. €2,000-€3,000
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Afshar soumak: Afshar soumak8ft. 2in. x 5ft. 4in. 250 x 163 cmPersia circa 1910Condition: very good, small repair near upper and lower endWool warp, wool weft, wool pattern weft
0007: Afshar soumakEst. €800-€1,200
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Kia Sar kelim: Kia Sar kelim8ft. 6in. x 5ft. 260 x 128 cmPersia 1920Condition: excellentWool warp, wool weft
0008: Kia Sar kelimEst. €3,000-€4,000Lot Passed
Panderma: Panderma5ft. 6in. x 3ft. 10in. 169 x 118 cmTurkey 1920Condition: good, small spots low pileCotton warp, cotton weft, wool pile
0009: PandermaEst. €700-€900Lot Passed
Yuruk: Yuruk3ft. 10in. x 3ft. 3in. 177 x 98 cmTurkey 1870Condition: good, some areas low pileWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0010: YurukEst. €1,400-€1,800
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Kirsehir: Kirsehir4ft. 11in. x 3ft. 3in. 150 x 101 cmTurkey 1880Condition: very good, some small spots low pileWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0011: KirsehirEst. €800-€1,200
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Konya: Konya4ft. 7in. x 3ft. 5in. 139 x 104 cmTurkey 1860Condition: good, corroded brownWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0012: KonyaEst. €2,000-€3,000Lot Passed
Yomud mafrash: Yomud mafrash1ft. 9in. x 11in. 54 x 28 cmTurkmenistan end 19th centuryCondition: excellentWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0013: Yomud mafrashEst. €400-€600Lot Passed
Embroidered and appliqué asmalyk: Embroidered and appliqué asmalyk3ft. 8in. x 2ft. 6in. 113 x 76 cmTurkmenistan 1880 Condition: excellentMaterials are cotton, wool and silk
0014: Embroidered and appliqué asmalykEst. €1,000-€1,500
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Yomud Ok-Bash: Yomud Ok-Bash1ft. 11in. x 1ft. 10in. 59 x 56 cmTurkmenistan 1870Condition: excellentWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0015: Yomud Ok-BashEst. €600-€800Lot Passed
Tekke main carpet: Tekke main carpet7ft. 11in. x 6ft. 7in. 241 x 201 cmTurkmenistan 1850Condition: poor, one small patch in field, left border hasextensive damage, lower kelim has large hole
0016: Tekke main carpetEst. €1,200-€1,800Lot Passed
Afshar main carpet: Afshar main carpet8ft. 8in. x 5ft. 4in. 265 x 163 cmPersia second half 19th centuryCondition: good, some areas low pile
0017: Afshar main carpetEst. €2,000-€3,000
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Kashgai khorjin: Kashgai khorjin4ft. 4in. x 2ft. 2in. 133 x 66 cmPersia 1880Condition: excellentWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0018: Kashgai khorjinEst. €1,000-€1,400Lot Passed
Veramin: Veramin9ft. 11in. x 4ft. 3in. 303 x 130 cmPersia 1900Condition: excellentWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0019: VeraminEst. €1,400-€1,800Lot Passed
Belouch: Belouch6ft. 4in. x 3ft. 5in. 192 x 103 cmPersia 1900Condition: excellentWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0020: BelouchEst. €500-€700
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Baktiari: Baktiari7ft. 2in. x 4ft. 11in. 218 x 150 cmPersia 1930Condition: excellent Cotton warp, cotton weft, wool pile
0021: BaktiariEst. €900-€1,300Lot Passed
Ferahan saddle cover: Ferahan saddle cover3ft. 5in. x 2ft. 4in. 103 x 72 cmPersia circa 1880Condition: excellent
0022: Ferahan saddle coverEst. €1,400-€1,800
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Shahsevan fragment: Shahsevan fragment9ft. 11in. x 2ft. 9in. 303 x 83 cmPersia 1880Condition: goodWool warp, wool weft, wool pile
0023: Shahsevan fragmentEst. €800-€1,200
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Shirvan prayer rug: Shirvan prayer rug6ft. 5in. x 4ft. 4in. 196 x 132 cmCaucasus circa 1870Condition: good, corroded brown, some areas low pile,losses to both ends
0024: Shirvan prayer rugEst. €2,500-€3,500Lot Passed