Hummel Auction 2003-03-26 Auction - 142 Price Results - Alderfer Auction in PA
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3007: Hummel.3094: Hummel.3043: Hummel.
Hatfield, PA, United States
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Hummel Auction

The Weavers
Richard and Julianna met while he was on leave from the Navy. Within two days after meeting they were married and their somewhat fairy tale lives began.
They worked hard she as a secretary for the railroads and he a builder. Living in California they began collecting fine art and antiques, often direct from boats coming into Los Angeles from Europe. Richard treated Julianna as a queen and soon their home took on the furnishings of a palace. Each item in their collection has a story and they would fondly share them. The stories were connected with their collections and their travels. Julianna was Russian Yugoslavian and Richard was from a small town in the Midwest. Richard pursued his desire to return to his roots in their retirement.
Richard and Julianna moved to Berlin, Ohio in 1988 and began attending a local church. The church soon became their extended family. On their 50th wedding anniversary they had a church ceremony, renewed their marriage vows and had a wedding cake, something they did not have when they were married.
They were a colorful couple, always coordinating their outfits to match. If she wore a green suit, he would have on a green blazer. Their vintage clothing matched their palace- like lifestyle. They drove Cadillac cars with large eagles on the hood and an old Excalibar.
At church their hearts were in missions and a concern for the youth. They decided to give all they had to the church to be an endowment for missions and Christian education for youth. Each year at Christmas they would have the youth dress in their prom dresses and suits and entertain them in their dinning room with the fine sterling silver and china plates. The first year Richard carved a standing rib roast, but soon learned that this is not the favorite cuisine of today’s youth.
Julianna passed away recently from a rare liver disease. Richard is currently at Sumner on Merriman Retirement Home in Akron, Ohio. It is Richard’s desire that their worldly possessions would do well at an auction so that missions and youth would greatly benefit. A life lived in love, a collection of a lifetime, and a desire to leave a legacy that will extend their love into the entire world.
Lot Number: Lowest
Hummel.: Farewell- Hum. #65, TMK-6, artist's initials, minor crazing on base, basket handle open next to body, stain inside basket?
3001: Hummel.Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Hummel.: Farm Boy- Hum. #66, TMK-5, artist's initials.
3002: Hummel.Est. $120-$220Lot Passed
Hummel.: Surprise- Hum. #94, TMK-2.
3003: Hummel.Est. $340-$440Lot Passed
Hummel.: Wayside Harmony- Hum. #111, size I, TMK-5, artist's initials.
3004: Hummel.Est. $150-$250Lot Passed
Hummel.: Little Thrifty, with key- Hum. #118, TMK-6, minor crazing, with box.
3005: Hummel.Est. $60-$160Lot Passed
Hummel.: Telling Her Secret- Hum. #196, size 0, TMK-5, artist's initials.
3006: Hummel.Est. $150-$250Lot Passed
Hummel.: Cinderella- Hum. #337, TMK-5.
3007: Hummel.Est. $150-$250Lot Passed
Hummel.: Smart Little Sister- Hum. #346, TMK-5.
3008: Hummel.Est. $120-$220Lot Passed
Hummel.: Volunteers- Hum. #50, size o, TMK-5, artist's initials.
3009: Hummel.Est. $150-$280Lot Passed
Hummel.: Volunteers- Hum. #50, size2/0 , TMK-2, small craze on neck of volunteer.
3010: Hummel.Est. $150-$300Lot Passed
Hummel.: Little Fiddler- Hum. #4, TMK-5, chip on umbrella top.
3011: Hummel.Est. $60-$160Lot Passed
Hummel.: Chick Girl- Hum. #57, size 0, TMK-2, incised circle, minor crazing on upper base.
3012: Hummel.Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Hummel.: Max and Moritz- Hum. #123, TMK-4, crazing, hair chip .
3013: Hummel.Est. $50-$150Lot Passed
Hummel.: Birthday Serenade- Hum. #218, TMK-2, old style, very small flake on accordion bottom.
3014: Hummel.Est. $500-$650Lot Passed
Hummel.: Good Hunting- Hum. #307, TMK-5, artist's initials.
3015: Hummel.Est. $100-$220Lot Passed
Hummel.: On Holiday- Hum. #350, TMK-6, artist's initials.
3016: Hummel.Est. $60-$140Lot Passed
Hummel.: Autumn Harvest- Hum. #355, TMK-5, artist's initials, under base crazing, (c) 1946.
3017: Hummel.Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Hummel.: Happy Days- Hum. #150, size 1, TMK-5, artist's initials, limited production.
3018: Hummel.Est. $340-$440Lot Passed
Hummel.: Chicken Licken- Hum. #385, TMK-5, artist's initials, with orange box.
3019: Hummel.Est. $150-$250Lot Passed
Hummel.: Valentine Gift- Hum. #387, TMK-5, special edition, No. 1 of Collector's Club, with box.
3020: Hummel.Est. $250-$350Lot Passed
Hummel.: In Tune- Hum. #414, TMK-6, artist's initials, with box.
3021: Hummel.Est. $125-$200Lot Passed
Hummel.: Goose Girl- Hum. #47, size II, TMK-5, artist's initials.
3022: Hummel.Est. $230-$330Lot Passed
Hummel.: Knitting Lesson- Hum. #256, TMK-5, artist's initials.
3023: Hummel.Est. $340-$440Lot Passed
Hummel.: Lost Sheep- Hum. #68, size 0, TMK-5, artist's initials, with box.
3024: Hummel.Est. $100-$200Lot Passed