D.G.W. Auctioneers Inc.

Who are we and What do we do?
Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, DGW conducts a “1000‐
Lot” Live Public Auction EVERY‐OTHER‐SATURDAY as well as periodic Fine Estates Auctions.  
What do we sell?
Everything from Fine Estates to Everyday General to Interest or Trade Specific items. DGW is the
marketplace that showcases SELLERS’ property to a world of BUYERS.  
Because DGW provides a range of estate clearance services throughout the region our auctions include
almost all types of property.  Imagine the kinds of things people collect, accumulate and inherit…..That’s
what we sell.  From Jewelry to Tools; Vehicles to Fine Art; Firearms to Fine Wine; Gold and Sterling
Silver, Musical Instruments to Toy Trains………If You’ve Got It, We’ll Sell It.
Who are our Clients?
Since 1985 DGW has been providing Auction and Appraisal services to Private Individuals and Families;
Estate Executors and Administrators; Banks, Trusts and Fiduciaries, Insurance Companies, Lawyers;
Counties, Cities and Police Departments; Business Owners selling in‐place commercial assets at on‐site
auctions; and Maybe You?
DGW is the ideal solution for professional and expeditious sales of property for people relocating, down‐
sizing, settling estates as well as for Collectors and those up‐scaling or remodeling. Whatever the need
DGW brings Buyer to Seller in a most Fair Market Place.
Yes, But Who are WE, and WHAT ELSE do we do?
David Greenaway is the President of DGW Auctioneers & Appraisers.  He established DGW in 1985 with
the vision of a neighborhood auction house that had international reach. Understanding that

Most  every home has some treasure amongst its everyday contents,

Most people in transition need an orderly, expeditious and trustworthy marketplace for the sale
of their personal property,

Most people would prefer to deal with a one‐stop service if the market reach is strong,

An established Auction House brings knowledgeable and ready Buyers,

An Auction House selling a wide range of property brings a wide range of knowledgeable and
ready Buyers,

Many Business owners need an on‐site auction option for their “in‐place” assets,

In difficult economic times such a marketplace affords good value to buyers and timely access to
sellers needing cash,   
so David structured DGW to be a “Service Business” rather than a Fine Art, Antiques or any other
specialty “Shop”.  With few exceptions, all Lots are genuine Private Party consignments, not Dealer
Kathleen Greenaway is senior appraiser at DGW Auctioneers and Appraisers. She holds a Certified
Appraiser of Personal Property (CAPP) designation with International Society of Appraisers (ISA) since
1991.DGW provides independent appraisal services for a range of purposes other than auction, including
Estate, Insurance, Equitable Distribution, Donation, Litigation and other needs.  DGW is committed to
continuing education in the Appraisal Profession and its compliance to the Uniform Standards of
Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
Contact us
Whether you’re a seasoned auction aficionado or a novice bidder, DGW is a serious auction house with a
neighborly feel.  Whether you are a seller wanting a quick sale and cash, or one whose timing waits pace
with the market, DGW has an appropriate sale for you.  
DGW Auctioneers & Appraisers
760 Kifer Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Tel: (408) 245‐1863
Fax: (408) 245‐1283
And visit our website: www.dgwauctioneers.com

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