Master Discoveries 2023-10-06 Auction - 174 Price Results - Sotheby's in NY
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Joaquin Sorolla y BastidaJean-Baptiste-Camille CorotMichel Richard-Putz
DoneOct 07, 2023 9:20 AM EDT
New York, NY, United States
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Master Discoveries

Designed for emerging and established collectors alike, the inaugural Masters Discoveries sale invites buyers to engage with European paintings and sculptures spanning the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries. Together with Modern Discoveries and Contemporaries Discoveries, the week's sales include art of various media from seven centuries and encompass portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and scenes of everyday life, among other genres. The Masters Discoveries auction will open for bidding on Friday, September 22nd, and lots will close in succession on Friday, October 6th beginning at 10:00am EDT. Kindly note, the highlights exhibition will open on the fourth floor of our York Avenue galleries on Saturday, September 23rd. For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact: +1 212 606 7000 For all other enquiries, please contact: Old Master Paintings Daria Foner Associate Specialist Old Master Paintings +1 212 606 7230 Emma Woodberry Cataloguer Old Master Paintings +1 212 606 7230 19th Century Paintings Kathryn Kremnitzer VP, Head of Sale 19th Century European Paintings +1 212 606 7140 Wladimir Witkowsky Specialist 19th Century European Paintings +1 212 606 7140 European Works of Art Margi Schwartz Co-WW Head of European Sculpture & Works of Art +1 212 606 7406
Lot Number: Lowest
Thomas Hickey: Property from a New York Private Collection, Sold Without Reserve Thomas Hickey Dublin 1741 - 1824 Madras Portrait of a young man in a garden landscape signed and dated center left: T.
0001: Thomas HickeyEst. US$4,000-US$6,000Lot Closed
Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Wegener: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Wegener Dresden 1812 - 1879 Maltese dog standing in a landscape signed and dated lower right: J.J. W. Wegener. / 1858. oil on canvas, unframed canvas: 23 ¼ by 28
0002: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm WegenerEst. US$6,000-US$8,000Lot Closed
Marie Thérèse Vincent de Montpetit: Marie Thérèse Vincent de Montpetit Paris 1774 - 1837 Brest Portrait of Mademoiselle Lange signed and dated center left: Par M. T. / Philiberte Montpetit / 1794. inscribed on the
0003: Marie Thérèse Vincent de MontpetitEst. US$15,000-US$20,000Lot Closed
French School, 17th century: Sold Without Reserve French School, 17th century Portrait of a lady, possibly Marie de Rohan-Montbazon, Duchess of Chevreuse oil on panel panel: 13 by 9 ⅞ in.; 33 by 25.1 cm. framed: 19
0004: French School, 17th centuryEst. US$5,000-US$7,000Lot Closed
Willem van Nieulandt the Younger: Willem van Nieulandt the Younger Antwerp 1584 - 1635 Amsterdam Sylvan landscape with a winding path oil on panel panel: 19 ½ by 25 ⅛ in.; 49.5 by 63.8 cm. framed: 28 ¼ by 34
0005: Willem van Nieulandt the YoungerEst. US$20,000-US$30,000Lot Closed
After Leonardo da Vinci: Property from a Private Collection After Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa signed on reverse: Pro Pompeo Coccia / 11 viale dell’università / Roma oil on panel panel: 31 ¼ by 21
0006: After Leonardo da VinciEst. US$10,000-US$15,000Lot Closed
Giovanni Francesco Caroto: Property from a Private Collection Giovanni Francesco Caroto Verona circa 1480 - 1555 Martyrdom of Saint John the Evangelist tempera on panel panel: 14 by 20 ¾ in.; 35.6 by 52.7 cm.
0007: Giovanni Francesco CarotoEst. US$15,000-US$20,000Lot Closed
Giovanni Antonio Sogliani: Sold Without Reserve Giovanni Antonio Sogliani Florence 1492 - 1544 Saint John the Baptist oil on panel, a fragment panel: 21 ⅜ by 7 ⅝ in.; 54.3 by 19.4 cm. later addition along
0008: Giovanni Antonio SoglianiEst. US$6,000-US$8,000Lot Closed
Giuseppe Maria Crespi: Giuseppe Maria Crespi Bologna 1665 - 1747 Holy Family oil on copper copper: 7 ¾ by 6 ¼ in.; 19.7 by 15.9 cm. framed: 12 ¼ by 10 ¾ in.; 31.1 by 27.3 cm. Provenance Private
0009: Giuseppe Maria CrespiEst. US$30,000-US$50,000Lot Closed
Roman School, 18th century: Sold Without Reserve Roman School, 18th century Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist in a landscape oil on canvas canvas: 36 ⅛ by 28 ⅝ in.; 91.8 by 72.7 cm. framed: 47
0010: Roman School, 18th centuryEst. US$10,000-US$15,000Lot Closed
Circle of Guido Reni: Property from a Private American Collection Circle of Guido Reni Angel of the Annunciation oil on canvas canvas: 23 ½ by 19 ⅔ in.; 59.7 by 50.0 cm. framed: 29 ⅜ by 25 ¾
0011: Circle of Guido ReniEst. US$8,000-US$12,000Lot Closed
Emilian School, 16th century: Property of a Private Collector, Sold Without Reserve Emilian School, 16th century Portrait of a man in a brown tunic oil on canvas canvas: 20 ⅜ by 16 ¼ in.; 51.8 by 41.3 cm. framed:
0013: Emilian School, 16th centuryEst. US$8,000-US$12,000Lot Closed
Benjamin West, P.R.A.: Property from the Estate of Angela Gross Folk, Sold Without Reserve Benjamin West, P.R.A. Springfield, Pennsylvania 1738 - 1829 London Children eating cherries signed and dated on edge of table:
0014: Benjamin West, P.R.A.Est. US$6,000-US$8,000Lot Closed
Circle of Cornelis de Vos: Property from a Private Collection Circle of Cornelis de Vos Portrait of Christina Vervoorn holding a basket of cherries accompanied by a pet parrot faintly inscribed and dated upper left: Oud 2
0015: Circle of Cornelis de VosEst. US$20,000-US$30,000Lot Closed
Tibout Regters: Sold Without Reserve Tibout Regters Dordrecht 1710 - 1768 Amsterdam Trompe l'oeil of putti signed and dated lower center: T. Regters fecit 1765 oil on panel panel: 42 ⅞ by 30 ¾ in.;
0016: Tibout RegtersEst. US$5,000-US$7,000Lot Closed
David Teniers the Younger: David Teniers the Younger Antwerp 1610 - 1690 Brussels Landscape with fishermen beside a moated castle signed lower left on the small boulder: DT F. oil on canvas canvas: 6 ⅜ by 9 ½
0017: David Teniers the YoungerEst. US$10,000-US$15,000Lot Closed
Edwaert Collier: Important Patron of the Arts Edwaert Collier Breda 1642 - 1708 London Vanitas still life with assorted shells, musical instruments, and Karel van Mander’s Schilder-boeck on a table signed
0018: Edwaert CollierEst. US$30,000-US$50,000Lot Closed
Attributed to Antoine Pesne: Property from a New York Private Collection Attributed to Antoine Pesne Paris 1683 - 1757 Berlin Portrait of a lady, half-length, in a blue and white dress and lace collar oil on canvas canvas:
0020: Attributed to Antoine PesneEst. US$10,000-US$15,000Lot Closed
Italian School, 18th century: Sold Without Reserve Italian School, 18th century Portrait of a lady, half-length, wearing a gold-embroidered white silk dress and red shawl oil on canvas canvas: 32 by 25 ¾ in.; 81.3 by
0022: Italian School, 18th centuryEst. US$6,000-US$8,000Lot Closed
Flemish School, 17th century: Property from a Midwest Private Collection Flemish School, 17th century Temptation of Saint Anthony indistinctly signed with monogram lower left: IV[H] oil on panel panel: 9 ¼ by 13 ⅝
0023: Flemish School, 17th centuryEst. US$8,000-US$12,000Lot Closed
Pieter Fris: Pieter Fris Amsterdam 1628 - 1706 Delft Death of Lucretia signed and dated lower left: Pieter Fris. 1658 oil on canvas canvas: 82 ⅛ by 70 ⅜ in.; 208.6 by 178.8 cm. framed: 95
0024: Pieter FrisEst. US$20,000-US$30,000Lot Closed