Hammer & Block Auctioneers

Hammer and Block Auctioneers are based in the vibrant and culturally
diverse Wynwood area of Miami. Known globally as the hub if Art Basal,
one of the largest art shows in the world, we are surrounded by some of
the art worlds most exciting contemporary galleries.

Miami is at the cross section of Europe and both North and South
America, celebrated for its cultural diversity, and unique vibe, Hammer
and Block works to embrace all cultures and styles in their Auction
mentality. From our regular bi weekly live Auctions held at the 4500 sq
ft gallery, where buyers can see quality consignments of art, furniture,
jewelry and eclectic elements, to the occasional specialist auctions
that feature Latin American Art, or even Estate Sales, we endeavor to
provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere, where clients can enjoy a glass of
wine and peruse the lots in a relaxed environment.

Being Located in such a cultural melting pot, Hammer and Block has no
shortage of a diverse collection of consignment items, leaning towards
Latin American art, but also featuring the best of Miami's art deco
history there are always interesting and unique items available, and
even occasionally uncovering hidden gems of undiscovered artists from
the Cuban, Haitian and other prolific local communities.

Hammer and Block are the only gallery Auction in Miami, setting the new
standard for others to follow, and working to bring the auction culture
to this wonderful city.


415 NW 26th St
Miami Fl 33127

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Hammer & Block Auctioneers


415 NW 26th Street
MiamiFL 33130
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