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Propworx, Inc. serves the movie and television industry by selling the assets of movie and TV productions in high-end auctions created specifically for that property. Propworx sells the production’s props, costumes and set pieces through special live and Internet auctions, while at the same time integrating these special events into a studio’s or network’s marketing campaigns. Propworx goal is not just to sell the assets of a production, but to leverage those sales into meaningful publicity and marketing to increase the overall awareness of a production. Founded by veteran entrepreneur Alec Peters, a 2004 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winner and one of the top collectors of Star Trek screen-used props and costumes (his Star Trek Prop & Costume Blog has over 7,500 unique visitors a month), Propworx has already set new the standard for the prop & costume industry. While prop & costume sales by the studios have traditionally been seen as mere asset liquidation, Propworx has brought a whole new business model that creates many more benefits to the studios and networks. Propworx helps unlock value in assets traditionally not valued by studios and production personnel. Movie and TV props and costumes is a growing hobby that has will-financed collectors world wide. Propworx model is based on four areas of value creation for the studio and network: 1) ASSET MAXIMIZATION Propworx consults with your production to increase the value of the assets during the production. This includes ensuring the correct number of props and costumes are created and used on-camera to preserving and cataloging those assets to ensure they are available after the production. For Battlestar Galactica, Propworx created an additional $ 200,000 in auction receipts in just one month of production. 2) AUCTION SALES Propworx handles the sale of assets through the finest, branded prop & costume auctions, both live and on the internet, that have ever been held. The Battlestar Galactica auctions set the standard for high-end memorabilia auctions and were widely hailed in the prop collecting community as the best auctions of their kind ever. 3) MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES Propworx leverages these auctions into incremental marketing opportunities for the studio and the production that would otherwise be lost. The Battlestar Galactica auctions were reported on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and every local Los Angeles TV station as well as dozens of Internet news sites and blogs. 4) CONTENT CREATION Propworx helps create new content through television specials and web content, both of which drive revenue and eyeballs for the studio. The "Star Trek Auction" History Channel special set the standard for this, and Propworx CEO Alec Peters hosted the "Star Trek Movie Relics" feature on the new Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Blu-Ray DVD. Propworx sets the standard for collectors as well, with state of the art Certificates of Authenticity, Hologram identification and a comprehensive web-based archive so the props and costumes can always have their provenance traced. For more information on Propworx, contact Alec Peters, Propworx CEO at .

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Mar 23, 2017
This was the best buying experience I've had yet!! This auction house was absolutely the best, they couldn't have been more helpful and attentive!! I've had experience with the other side, bad auction houses that left me hanging. Propworx's is absolutely the best I've ever dealt with, period!!!!


Oct 10, 2016
Liveauctioneers needs to improve their on-line software. I have friends who were trying to submit bids on-line during the auction, they had already been approved for the auction, but the system was slow in accepting their bids or would not accept their bids-so they lost out on some of the items they wanted even though they had submitted bids on-line that met or exceeded other bids-and did so before the final bid was accepted.


Oct 01, 2016
Very responsive to my question. Easy transaction. Quick ship. Thanks.


Apr 14, 2016
Everything went very good this year with the Star Trek auction. Last year I bought an item as well but that experience was not as good. Good job on improving.

Sandy Springs, GA

Jul 31, 2020
Not bad but not Great
Communication could improve. Item was sent to wrong address. Took some time to track down. Upon opening the package I made not that there was not a COA provided for the item. This seems consistent with the experience of others
Icheb shirt and shoes


Mar 27, 2017
Didn't like how much the company was charging for having the auction.


Sep 30, 2016
Please, they need to make the payments into smaller portions as $250.00 to $300.00 segments. When the US dollar is adjusted to the Canadian dollar its 3 x a payment. Please set up pay amounts as you go with pay pal. Keep the same time frame but allow you smaller payments to compensate. They need to send more emails to keep up the line of communication going on with the customer and the seller. Thanks.


Sep 28, 2016
Mobile app on Android 6 did not work, causing me to miss bidding on firstv10 lots.

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