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Tim's Inc. Auctions

Tim's Inc. Auctions is celebrating their 41st year of auction excellence in Connecticut. Tim started his business in 1979 and is still going strong today! Tim is the "go to" guy when it comes to providing the best auction experience for buyers and sellers. Tim knows how to show your items and bring in the right buyers for you if you are looking to liquidate an estate, or simply downsizing. Tim will help you through from beginning to end of the auction process, and take out the worry of cleaning out a home or storage unit. If you are loosing money each month by housing and storing unwanted items, give us a call and we'll turn those items into cash! Tim Chapulis' mantra: "Put together a great auction and you'll get a great crowd." Tim's Auctions has been featured many times in area news, and is frequently covered by Antiques and Arts Weekly. He has handled countless large estate auctions and has auctioned just about everything from coins and jewelry to automobiles. Being knowledgeable about what items you are selling and bringing that knowledge to buyers provides a win/win atmosphere for both. Being able to identify rare collectible items and it's value in the marketplace, then connecting with buyers and collectors has resulted in some spectacular outcomes. A 17 Lot collection of David Webb jewelry realized $167,440 at one of Tim's Inc. Auctions Cabin Fever Auction Extravaganza.
1185 Farmington Ave,
(RT. 6)
Bristol, CT 06010
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Bidder Reviews for Tim's Inc. Auctions (46)

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Brooklyn, NY

May 21, 2020
All worked for me A to Z spotless transaction + + + +
Tim is a great person to deal with, very experienced in his field. Hoping to deal in future

Columbus, OH

May 17, 2020
A + to the entire team at Tim's Auctions.
The details and photos accurately described the piece. When we won the piece, the payment was an easy two minute call. The owner gave us shipping options, and asked us if we had any other questions regarding rhe process. The shipping company was very personable and gave us an immediate quote, that we accepted. The shipping was quick and rhe piece arrived in perfect condition. Based on my excellent experience with this auction house, I will be a repeat buyer. Thanks again to the entire team at Tim's for making this entire process to pleasurable.

Yucaipa, CA

Jan 18, 2020
great auction
great to deal with

Midland, TX

Dec 21, 2019
Good Value
A nice collection of small antique project dolls to work with.


Jun 15, 2018
Your survey does not specify which auction house you're referring to. On a side note, my biggest concern with bidding is the propensity for auctioneers to do ghost bidding, especially when you see a "ton" of lots passed at an auction house. That is red flag to bid.... see random bids coming in (from other venues or live) and then when you get no other high online bid.... the lot is passed. I was bidding in one auction-and if you call I will be happy to point which one-and on one item I was bidding on I was the high bidder at 55.00. There was a long delay-I thought I had lost internet connection-and finally when the auction restarted I was then bidding against someone on another site? In my mind, I was thinking they lost an internet connection or something and couldn't bid because the entire auction was flowing and then all of a sudden on a 14k gold watch I am the high bidder with no other bids and a sudden 5 minute or so delay. Needless to say, I am cynical because I have dealt with auctioneers for years and am familiar with the tactics they use to drive up prices. Excessive use of "passing" lots with high bid counts is a red flag in my mind and it should be a red flag in yours.


Dec 19, 2017
I worked with the auction company recommended shipper never received a tracking number or shipping notification email. I contacted shipper to find out it was out for delivery on that same day. Shipper did respond to my inquiry in a timely manner Auction company required a shipping information form to print out from their website and return with the payment. Auction company website was not secured site and redirected to another site. I hand wrote shipping information on a piece of paper to mail with money order payment. It was frustrating to follow all demands and deadline for payment no tracking for shipping.


Jun 06, 2016
Excellent service. If only they accepted PayPal payments. Otherwise I am very satisfied.

Hillsboro Beach, FL

Mar 24, 2019
I bought a $300.00 coin and it ended up costing me $421.00 coin, buyers penalty, processing??? Shipping!!!! Buyers penalty??? Are you kidding me?

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