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The �Antonija� Classic Art Gallery has been active since 1991. Until October 2009, the gallery resided in a quiet place, in a beautiful Art Nouveau quarter of Riga, on 22 Antonijas Street. Now it has moved closer to the fast city rhythm and is located in Riga, 157 Brivibas Street (you can park your car in the yard of the house, if you previously call the numbers indicted below). �Antonija� Gallery mainly specializes in the old Latvian and foreign masters of art of the 20th century, however works of new and promising artists can be also presented from time to time at exhibitions and auctions. �Antonija� Gallery has arranged exhibitions of such excellent artists like Boriss Berzins (Boriss Berzin�), Karlis Brencens (Karlis Brencens), Karlis Miesnieks (Karlis Miesnieks), Adolfs Zardins (Adolfs Zardin�), Leonids Arins (Leonids Arin�), Georgs Senbergs (Georgs �enbergs), Lidija Auza (Lidija Auza), Arija Skride (Arija Skride), Julijs Vilumainis (Julijs Vilumainis), Laimdots Murnieks (Laimdots Murnieks), Valdis Buss (Valdis Bu�s) and expositions of works of other not less noteworthy artists. Also thematic exhibitions like �Age of romance in the art of Baltic Germans�, refugees� theme � �Refugees. �Resurrection� � photo-exhibition dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Riga. �Flowers and dreams� � exhibition of works of the dynasty of artists Janis (Janis), Ilona, Patricija and Kristians Brekte, as well �Scommettitore� of Edmunds Lucis (Edmunds Lucis) and Justine Luce (Justine Luce) have been arranged. The Gallery also participated in the international art fair �ART Vilnius 2009�, and in exhibitions organized by �Salon de Luxe� in 2008 and 2009. For the last 9 years, the gallery has organized about 100 exhibitions and since 2007 it has been organizing auctions of artworks both individually and in cooperation with Swedbank PRIVATE BANKING, �World Trade Center �Riga� and Cultural and Business Centre of Moscow � �Moscow House", etc. � thus becoming the organizer of the biggest artwork auctions in Latvia. During its activity, the �Antonija� Classic Art Gallery has surpassed several records in the history of Latvian auctions. During Auction 12, a new Latvian record was achieved in auctioning of porcelain dishware. Eight dishes from the collection of the former Swedish ambassador to Latvia Patrick de Reutersvaerd painted by Niklavs Strunke (Niklavs Strunke) were together sold for 26,000 LVL, which is currently the largest amount for such type of works. The most noteworthy was the dish �Dance" painted by N. Strunke in the modernism style, which was sold for the price of 4,800 LVL, three times exceeding the initial price of 1,500 LVL. The second most expensive dishes of N. Strunke were �Ancient times� and �Ancient soldier� having the same initial price, and they were sold for 4,600 LVL, �God�s horse� � for 4,200 LVL. The most expensive painting in Latvia � painting of Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky (Nikolajs Bogdanovs-Belskis) �Portrait of a young lady� was sold for 100,000 LVL at Auction No.2 on 24.11.2007. The most expensive piece of graphic art in Latvia was a watercolour painting of Janis Tidemanis (Janis Tidemanis) �Tavern view�, the price of which increased from 1,300 LVL to 6,600 LVL at Auction No. 2 on 24.11.2007. In Latvia the price record in sculpture was achieved by the work of Aivars Vilipsons: bronze relief � bust of the artist K. Padegs, which was sold for 8,000 LVL at Auction 1 on 03.03.2007. �Antonija� Gallery offers consultancy about placement of artworks in the interior design and gives advice on formation of private and corporate collections. The gallery�s activities include research, transactions and consultancy in evaluation, expertise and restoration of artworks, arrangement of artwork auctions. You are welcome to visit the gallery in person or sending us an e-mail: galerija@antonia.lv , or calling us: +371 29210081 Yours truly www.antonia.lv Address: Brivibas street 157, Riga, Latvia LV-1012 Gallery hours: Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr from 10:00 to 18:00 On Saturdays from 11:00 to 17:00 To visit the Gallery at other times, please contact us at: +371 29210081.

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