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Gianguan Auctions

Gianguan Auctions

History & Reputation With two thriving primary locations in New York and Singapore, Gianguan Auctions has proudly catered to a cosmopolitan audience of both seasoned and new collectors for over a decade. Hosting four annual auctions at the historic brownstone building at 39 West 56th Street, Gianguan Auctions features fine selections of Chinese and Asian works of art, often boasting significant collections of traditional paintings and calligraphy, in addition to porcelain, jade, and bronze highlights, and more, dating from the Song Dynasty to contemporary periods. To date, the auction house has trusted LiveAuctioneers.com for over three years, with each auction displaying over 300 lots of noteworthy Chinese and Asian Art.
39 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019
United States
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Past Auctions from Gianguan Auctions

Qing, A Fine and Rare Gilt Cloissoné Enamel
Qi Baishi  Longevity PeachTang, A Fine and Rare Parcel-Gilt Silver Phoenix-Zun
usAuction Ended
Qing, A Fine Set of Gilt Bronze and Cloisonné Enamel
Qing, A Rare and Fine Gilt Bronze KsitigarbhaQing, A Pair of Rare Cloisonné Enamel Octagonal Dragon
usAuction Ended
Xu Beihong  Two Racing Stallion
Su Shi  Northern Song Dynasty  Bamboo and RockMing,A Wucai Jumping Fish to Dragon Bringing Forth Coin
usAuction Ended
A Gilt Bronze Seated Guanyin
Xu Beihong Two CatsA Coral and Diamond Ring
usAuction Ended
A Very Fine Doucai Dragon Moon Flask
A Gilt Bronze Three Bodhisattvas' StatueTortoise-Shell Ruyi Scepter with Movable Monkey Motifs
usAuction Ended
Xu Beihong   The Three Spirited Horses
A Sancai Tri-Color Glazed Fu Character-Form Ewer with CA Sancai Tri-Color Glazed Shou Character-Form Ewer with
usAuction Ended
Xu Beihong Hawks in Flight
A Finely Carved Ivory Tripod CenserFamille-Rose Red-ground Cylindrical Floral Hat-Stand
usAuction Ended
226: A Very Rare Famille-Rose Pea-Green-Ground Moon Fla
338: An Ivory Carving of a Flying Fairy Maiden341: An Ivory Figural Group of Ladies
usAuction Ended
6: Zhang Daqian  Red Lotus Splashed
193: A Fine and Rare Underglazed Blue and Copper-Red Dr128: A Rare Double-Robe-Twist Pattern Hetian Jade Brace
usAuction Ended
203: A Pair of Famille-Rose Enamelled Dish-Mouthed Vase
12: Zhang Daqian Lotus33: Fu Baoshi Three Musicians
usAuction Ended
305: Bronze Buffalo with Silver Inlaid Phoenix Motifs
165: Square Tianhuang Seal with Tile Knop and Inscribed147: A Fine Glass Jadeite Bracelet with Yellow and Whit
usAuction Ended