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Welcome! Thank you for coming and welcome to Bona Estique, Inc. 1.California Corporation for Auction Business Bona Estique, Inc. is registered with state of California as a business focusing on art and antique dealing. We conduct sales of consigned goods, mainly art, antiques, and other valuable estates for commission. 2. Business Philosophy We conduct our business based on Christian values, yet we also respect the values of other people and beliefs. ‘Bona’ stands for the Latin word meaning ‘good.’ Presenting high quality goods is the priority of the business because value of the goods rest on the goodness of its quality. ‘Estique’ is a hybrid of estate and antique. Thus our mission is to provide a choice marketplace for the sale of art, antiques, collectibles, and estate collections through both onsite and online auctioning (linking with We have a business motto as presented in an old Asian proverb that “good things come and incoming things are good.” In any case, we treat people fairly, whether consignors, bidders, inquirers, or employees, because we believe good service by good people is inseparable from good collectibles. 3. Location and Access Bona Estique is conveniently located in the City of Industry (next to La Puente). Central to a large population and diverse demographic, our location is convenient for a vast number of local bidders as well as consignors. 4. Beyond Local Our interface with bidders is not limited to geographic location. To meet with global market demands, we provide special accommodation service for online and phone bidders. We are proud to also provide a platform for international bidding and welcome bidders from all over the world. 5. Free Appraisal Often people do not know the value of their possessions and may under- or overestimate them. Accurate and reliable appraisals are critical to present marketed goods. Our appraisal is always free, without any obligation or hidden terms. Most of the time, collectors are the consignors. And we understand that buyers are also sellers. For information on appraisals, please see our appraisal page. 6. Consignment Consignment simply means owners entrust their property with us for auction sales. Consignment begins with an initial inquiry by email, phone, or mail. Most of our consignments are antiques, artifacts, jewelry, furniture, porcelain, and pottery of Chinese & other Asian origins. If you think you have something to consign, or likely to be consignable, please contact us for a Free Appraisal. Auction commission fees for consignment may vary depending on the final hammering price. Not every item may be acceptable for consignment, because consignment is subject to approval by the appraiser. You can find more information about consignment here. Or refer to our consignment information page. 7. Estate Sales Estate sale refers to the process of liquidating personal estates. We welcome individuals and brokers. Sometimes, though not always, things you find in your granny’s attic may bring you a fortune. The commercial advantage of estate properties rests upon its diversity and volume, because most the estate owners are long-term collectors with good sense to maintain the quality of collections. A large number of items attracts prospective bidders, who are also collectors. 8. Please contact us for further questions. If you have any further questions, please contact or visit us at: Bona Estique, Inc. 104 South 6th Sreet City of Industry, CA 91746 TEL 626-968-4400
104 South 6th Avenue
City of Industry, CA 93035
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