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Raymond Central California Auction House

Raymond Central California Auction House

What if you could play the lottery and never lose? With Raymond Central California Auction House you can. By bidding at auction you never pay unless you win – you get exactly what you want at the price of your choosing, and if you don't win you pay nothing. We are Central California's number 1 seller of jewelry – both gold and silver. We specialize in Native American jewelry but are experts in both the evaluation and sale of all types of jewelry. We carry a large number of one of a kind jewelry, glassware, paintings, prints, mirrors, and antiques in general. We show you great pictures that put you right in front of each item as if you were looking in person. Our descriptions cover everything from the good points to the flaws you should be aware of with each item. In short, we are all about you. You can be comfortable knowing that the item you see is the item you are going to get. If you win a bid on one of our items it will be shipped to you in a timely manner and arrive in the same shape it left our store. You will always know beforehand all of our costs and fees, and with a picture of your item and just a few questions, our experts can give you an expected sale value in a very reasonable time. Everything we do is all about you – without you we do not exist. Appraisals are always free when we sell your item(s). If we are unable to evaluate your articles over the computer we will gladly make an appointment and can usually meet you within 48 hours for a complete evaluation of your items. Our auctions are primarily held online where we have the capability of reaching thousands instead of the few hundred or less people that show up at physical auctions at people's homes. Closing out your business and want guaranteed prices? We can do that. If your price is not reached we don't sell your item. Most auction houses shy away from reserve prices; we don't. We will also tell you if you are asking too much if we do not think we can get you the price you want. Sometimes it makes sense to split your items up and sell them in different ways. We will advise you on what we think the best option is. Online customers search us out to buy your items where the majority of buyers at on-site auctions are only interested in very few items. We belong to Live Auctions, one of the largest auction consortiums in the world, so we not only draw from our own followers but also from all of the other auction houses connected to them, giving your items the best possible chance of being sold at the very best possible price. For things we do not normally sell we have a large number of experts available for us to call upon for everything from automobile parts to zebra statues.
25184 Run Way
Raymond, CA 93653
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Past Auctions from Raymond Central California Auction House

Date: Descending
207: Zuni Squash Blossom Necklace
86: Sterling Silver Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace426: Rare Roseville Ferella Bud Vase

June Lollapalooza Sale

Jun 04, 2012 12:28 AM EDT
United StatesRaymond, CA, US
Auction Ended

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