Catherine's Art Center

Catherine's Art Center

No. B206 Shiji Kangmai
Taobao City Fengtai
Beijing, 100078
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Kalamazoo, MI

Feb 24, 2021
Have very unique items.
Very satisfied, I got a great price and an amazing piece e of history.
One Old Silver Ingot

Issaquah, Washington

Jun 24, 2020
Honest, communicates in a very timely fashion and I'd do business with her again
We ran into shipping problems with the carrier keeping the package at the airport for weeks. I would have bet money the carrier lost the package and didn't want to admit the loss. All of this was completely beyond Catherine's ability to control or fix, but she worked very hard and put huge pressure on the carrier. In the end I got the package. No one could ask for more! Thank you, Catherine! We'll do business again, I'm sure. Laurence
Nice Antique Jade Figure

Sitka, AK

Jan 13, 2020
Easy to work with especially for being in china
i had a friend who lives in beijing. he will pick up my lot. this was done very easily. i will get it from him when i go to china
One Pair Namu Wood Carving Panels

Rhonda A
Poinciana, FL

Apr 09, 2019
AAAAA + + + + + + + + + + + +
Items were even nicer than described. Catherine assisted me with my choices and personally made certain I was happy.
A Nice Zisha Tea Pot


Jul 23, 2016
Only one thing let me feel unhappy. It was Catherine's Art Center's March auction. I was very happy that time I won quite some nice things. But at last they email me said they set reserve prices. But it did not work. So most lot I won they lost a lot money. They feel sorry for this big mistake. And later they gave me a sincerrly call and re explain this problem. And they hope me could continue to pay attention to their auction and welcome to attend their future auction. They send me a good and nice gift to me. At last I choose to forgave them. Maybe it was really mistake.


Jan 31, 2016 is a nice place for shopping! I like to buy from this auction house because it is in China. Then the shipping charge will be very cheap. And later they would not charge me the shipping charge. Some time I really could find some nice and cheap things in other auction house, but the shipping charge is too much for me. This is a pity for me! If some day the shipping charge could come down that will be great!


Jan 30, 2016
It is very good for me to buy from this auction house. The shipping charge much cheaper than other countries. And later for a favor they would not charge me the shipping charge. Some times I left many bids, but at last I just won a little. I would like to buy nice and cheap things. If I could won more nice lots by cheaper price it will be great!

San Jose, California

Apr 17, 2021
!!! Warning!!! This Art Center is a FRAUD! Read my review before you bid!!
I placed a winning bid on May 16, 2020 for $2, 400 and paid the art center about $2, 700 for various fees included via a wire (this vendor has issues receiving Paypal) on May 22, 2020. The item I won was never shipped. And today is April 17, 2021, almost a year later, dozens of communications with the owner, still NO REFUND. Worst of all, the owner does not even show a slight intention to refund me. The ordeal started early June 2020 when I noticed no shipping information was shared from the art center. The owner literally went silent after receiving my payment. Weeks later, I was told the item I bid and won was sold and sent to someone else by the true owner, a vendor other than the art center. I got suspicious of the business dealing and requested a refund. During the following months, the art center started lying through its teeth, sometimes claiming financial difficulties, other times alleging irrelevant events as emergencies and delays for refund. If one searches for auctioned items posted, for the month of August 2020 alone, 2 months after my request for refund, hundreds of items totaling thousands of dollars were transacted through under this art center. How can one believe it has no financial means to refund mere $2, 400 to me?? This is a long and frustrating ordeal. Unfortunately, for the victimized consumer, I stand alone in this dispute, the customer support of the auction platform does little to assist. I don't have much recourse to get my money back. I want to post my experience, so you are fully informed if you are inclined to place bids with this art center. Look for other 1-star reviews and the sheer percentage of 1-star reviews on this vendor, these are all screaming red flags. This is not a legitimate art center; this is a sham business with the sole intention to con customers.
One Nice Nature Icy Full Yang Green Jadeite 18K Gold

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