Olde Peking Antiques, Inc.

Olde Peking Antiques, Inc.

We are a unique Antique store in Alhambra, California, just east of Los Angeles. We invite you to visit our Alhambra store to view our expansive selection of hardwood antique furniture, cloiscone and accessories. Each of our original antiques has a unique story about the materials, history, and artisan who produced it. If there's a particular item you are looking for, let us know and we will locate it for you. We import directly from China and keep it in original condition. We look forward to seeing you here at our Alhambra store soon. Our passion for rustic furniture led us to develop the concept of bringing the finest rustic furniture to our Alhambra furniture store. Our furniture warehouse has over 20,000 square feet of wood furniture on display. Our furniture is designed to fit into the California lifestyle and compliment you home decor. Many of our beautiful pieces are made using recycled wood from doors, old shutters, moldings from old homes, rail road ties, antique teak and old furniture pieces. So buying our recycled products leads to reuse of nature. We travel in China to discover different and unique furniture accessories to compliment the furniture we sell. Some of the furniture accessories we stock in our Alhambra warehouse include vases, candle sticks, wall hangings, masks, statues, picture frames, marble carvings, iron statues,ink brush holders, and jeweler boxes. If there's a particular accessory you desire that we don't have, we can make a custom order for you. We receive 40 foot long shipping containers loaded with merchandise almost monthly in our Alhambra warehouse.

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