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Caswell Prewitt Realty, Inc.

Auctions by Caswell Prewitt Realty, Inc. - Color makes paintings beautiful. Colorful auctioneering is an art form and turns an average auction into a great success...successful not only for the owner(s) of the items or real estate being auctioned, but also satisfying for the purchaser(s). Omar Prewitt, the Principal Broker & Auctioneer of Caswell Prewitt Realty, Inc. has a knack for adding the exclamation point after the words success and satisfied! Kentucky has a rich history of a strong work ethic coupled with camaraderie. The same is true for the auctions held by Caswell Prewitt Realty, Inc. For more than 30 years, Omar and the entire staff have worked exceedingly hard to help make each auction a win-win situation for all those participating. Planning an auction for your real estate and/or your personal property? Or, if you are just thinking about it, we encourage you to give Omar a call. His pleasing manners and deep knowledge of auctioneering will no doubt help you make decisions that are right for you. Right now is a great time to participate in an auction. Finding that perfect item and taking something home with you can be a thrilling experience. Maybe you are excited about that special home or items that are coming up for auction soon...You won't want to miss one of Caswell Prewitt Realty’s auctions, where you'll see old friends, make new friends and let Omar entertain you with his humor.
101 North Maysville St.
Mount Sterling, KY 40353
(859) 745-2900
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Past Auctions from Caswell Prewitt Realty, Inc.

Started Jun 28, 2014 10:00 AM EDT
us Lexington, Kentucky
Auction Ended

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