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Antiques are our ancestors left for the cultural heritage, rare items. Deposited in it numerous historical, cultural, social information, and this information is any one other artifacts can not be replaced. Because antiques can be used as a plaything, so then we can call "antique." And this is only the beginning to speak handed down from the Qing Dynasty. For this reason there is a special book - "Antique Guide", which is quite a thick book with a variety of different categories to explain and study antiques. Of course, this book assumes only that the project is not done very specifically for each statement. Most people now called antiques. Antiques, also known as artifacts, bones of the other are seen as the epitome of human civilization and history, the integration of history, knowledge content Chronicles science, epigraphy, natural history, science and technology history and other identification. Experienced many ups and downs dynastic changes, Tibet is still playing the wind is not bad, even hotter. Among its own unique charm and endless fun. In the Republic of the time, the true meaning of antiques, porcelain, for example if so, antiques refers kiln special breed, or so-called imperial kiln, since ancient times, ceramic divided into three categories, kiln, kilns, kilns, and some in the past, the book said in the past passenger, it refers to the time of kilns. There is a saying in ancient books, unlike kiln kilns, kiln kiln is different. Kilns, there are two interpretations, one refers to the superior quality of work among the common kiln, kiln firing past hundreds of pieces of a species is usually flawless royal Queen, goods with the general use of the next level, or reward, hundreds of pieces of kiln product works with the top ten is kiln. Another explanation is that the kiln kiln in a very special breed, such as the common reward Qianlong bottle. In a special kiln kiln, it is possible only one of them once, for example, porcelain enamel, such as Beijing, Hong Kong Heritage auction company back from six sets of bottles, pieces of porcelain that can completely reflect Royal's rich gas. I thought craftsmen weighing Forbidden City - Topaz Mo surface pattern produced when the bottle cap mean Royal royal luxury brand should reflect life, but the heart as Emperor of the Qing government also do not forget to clean, so the bottle is set in the middle of blue and white. Such are called porcelain kiln, when the Republic of China only kiln was only called antiques.
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