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At AmbroseBauer Trains, our goal is to be the nation’s foremost marketplace of Lionel and American Flyer Trains. Our slogan is “By Collectors, For Collectors” because that is what we are, "Collectors." Paul V. Ambrose, a lifelong Lionel Post-War Collector, Author of numerous Greenberg Books and Classic Toy Train Magazine articles, and the only Collector chosen by Lionel to inventory its Post-War Archives, and Drew J. Bauer, a Collector of quality Post-War Lionel and MPC Trains since the 1970s, one of the largest Sellers of Toy Trains on e-bay, and a Contributor to most of the Books written on Lionel Post-War Trains, have joined together as AmbroseBauer Trains to offer Collectors an honest forum and the opportunity to maximize the value they can receive for their Toy Train Collections and Items. AmbroseBauer Trains is different from those that specialize in the sale or auction of Toy Trains in that unlike the others, We wrote the Books on Toy Trains™. We are acknowledged experts in this Hobby. Over the past three decades, millions of dollars of Toy Trains have passed through our hands. Furthermore, our combined knowledge spans all areas of collecting, and we have written authoritative Books and Articles about many facets of the Toy Train Hobby. No one else in this Hobby has sold as many Toy Trains as we have and have been acknowledged by our peers as experts in Toy Trains. This is just one reason why we should be your first choice where to purchase or sell your Toy Train Collection or Item. AmbroseBauer Trains is different in that when we say an item is Original we guarantee it to be Original. We also guarantee the item to be the variation listed and from the manufacturer listed. Over the past couple of years, several large Auction Houses have sold considerable numbers of fake Lionel Trains as original because they did not have any expert knowledge as to Toy Trains. One Auction House a few years ago sold over thirty fake FM and F-3 Diesels as Original Lionel Post-War items, not to mention many LTI Classic Items sold as Original Pre-War Items. Another Auction House more recently sold nearly $75,000 of fake items as Original Lionel variations. AmbroseBauer Trains is proud to be the only significant Seller or Auction House devoted to Toy Trains to guarantee our Items to be Original in writing as part of our standard Terms and Conditions. No one else can offer such a guarantee in writing as to the originality of an item because no other Seller or Auction House devoted to Toy Trains is as acknowledged an expert in the Toy Train Hobby as AmbroseBauer Trains. For Buyers of Toy Trains, AmbroseBauer Trains is different because we don’t believe in the principal of caveat emptor. We share our knowledge with customers so that all items are properly identified as to their variation and the existence and/or condition of their Original Boxes. Items that we list for sale have multiple detailed photos so that you can see every relevant view of the item and make your own determination as to its Condition. We also grade each item to our understanding of the TCA Grading Standards used by most Collectors. We are different because we want Collectors to be able to bid our items on the Internet with the confidence that they will actually get what they think they are bidding and for which they are making payment. 2345 SetFor Buyers of Toy Trains, AmbroseBauer Trains is different because we offer several different channels to buy Toy Trains. Ten times each year, on Sunday Evenings, we offer Scheduled Private Auctions over the internet that feature 200-300 lots of high quality Toy Trains. Several times each year, on Saturday afternoons, we offer our Deluxe Scheduled Private Auctions, open to members of the four major Toy Train Organizations, that feature 400-500 lots of quality Toy Trains. AmbroseBauer Trains also features 100-200 lots of Toy Trains auctioned each week on e-bay under "drew_bauer" and “ambrosebauer-trains.” For Owners of Toy Trains, AmbroseBauer Trains offer a fee-based appraisal service for insurance and estate purposes. Our honest and informed opinions on the value of Toy Trains have in the past been approved and adopted by the Courts. One of us has written more than a thousand appellate opinions that have defined the law in Pennsylvania in several areas. Who do you think a Judge or Jury would find most credible as to the issue of the valuation of a Collection? Also, if you want to know the value of your Collection, shouldn't you turn to the same Collector that the Lionel Corporation turned to when it wanted to know the value of its Post-War Archives? For Sellers of Toy Trains, AmbroseBauer Trains is different in that we add value to the Toy Trains that we sell on behalf of others. We properly identify and grade each item to maximize its value as well as guarantee its originality. Certain Auction Houses, although they claim to have professional staffs or extensive knowledge as to Toy Trains or Toy Train variations, have continually throughout the years misidentified Toy Trains and valuable variations of those Toy Trains. For example, an extremely valuable item worth more than $30,000.00 was sold for only a few thousand dollars because it was misidentified by an Auction House who in fact did not have a professional staff or the extensive knowledge as to Toy Trains or Toy Train variations that it had advertised. Other Auction Houses have also recently cost their Clients tens of thousands of dollars because in fact they did not know Toy Trains. Of course, Auction Houses are not the only ones who do not know as much about Toy Trains as they claim. One Dealer a few years ago relied on a Price Guide, of which we did not have any involvement, and priced a rare Box Car using that Guide. The Box Car immediately sold for the price the Dealer had placed on it and within thirty days it was re-sold for a $25,000.00 profit. You will never hear these type of stories about the Auctions AmbroseBauer Trains conduct because we know Toy Trains and their valuable variations. After all, We Wrote the Books on Toy Trains. 6828 RedFor Sellers of Toy Trains, AmbroseBauer Trains is different in that we know how to properly lot and sell your Toy Trains through several different channels to maximize their value and total return to you. We will not group several items in one lot so that you get only a wholesale price for the lot. Instead we will market each item individually in the appropriate channels to allow you the best opportunity to get the most for any particular item. We will also not "throw" together a group of your Toy Trains in a “box lot” that may only glean a few dollars. Because we have been among the largest buyers from the Auction Houses over the past several years, we know how to execute a better and more professional service for our Clients to maximize the value they can receive for their Toy Train Collections and Items. For Sellers of Toy Trains, AmbroseBauer Trains is different because we have the most knowledgeable customers. Over the past three years, we have sold Toy Trains to over 8,000 individual customers. Not only do we have the most Internet bidders of any Toy Train Marketplace, we also know what it takes to successfully sell Toy Trains over the Internet. We understand that it takes more than just an Internet Connection to sell Toy Trains. Heinz CarFor Sellers of Toy Trains, AmbroseBauer Trains is different because we offer nationwide pick-up and packing services, complete and thorough contracts, payment for our scheduled Auctions made out of a trust-account supervised by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and fully-detailed inventory lists. We also fully-insure our consignments. Our staff is built on the foundation of long-term Train Collectors, many of whom have been our customers for decades. Thank you for considering AmbroseBauer Trains for the purchase or sale of your Toy Trains. Our Middle Name is Toy Train Auctions (i.e. AmbroseBauer Trains Post Office Box 14537 Pittsburgh, PA 15234 (412) 833-1700 Please Note that exact Terms and Conditions applicable to each Auction conducted by AmbroseBauer Trains/Drew J. Bauer are contained in the Terms and Conditions posted with said Auction. The following Terms and Conditions are generally applicable to all auctions we conduct, but do not limit or change in any manner the exact Terms and Conditions posted with each Auction that a Bidder agrees to before being allowed to be a Registered Bidder. IMPORTANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR INDIVIDUALS LEAVING BIDS ON E-Bay AUCTIONS: Please read these Terms and Conditions before registering or bidding as they affect your legal rights and obligations. PAYMENT: Winning Bidders may pay their bills with Money Orders or Checks in US Funds. No other method of payment is accepted. Payment must be received by ABT/DJB within ten days of the date of the Auction. SHIPPING/INSURANCE FEES: The Shipping/Insurance Fees noted within each Listing are for shipment within the US-48 States. If the Winning Bidder lives outside the US-48, additional Shipping Fees may be required and the Winning Bidder agrees to pay such fees. Items won one week on e-bay may not be combined with items won in another week on e-bay. FOR ITEMS IDENTIFIED IN THE LISTING AS BEING SHIPPED BY UPS GROUND: Please note that all shipments within the United States are sent by UPS Ground and that we can not ship to Post Office Boxes. All Items will be shipped within twenty-eight days of receipt of full payment. Items are insured for the amount of the High Bid plus the Amount of the Buyer's Premium. Items shipped outside the United States are not Insured. Additional Shipping may be required to shipments outside the US-48. FOR ITEMS IDENTIFIED IN THE LISTING AS BEING SHIPPED BY USPS (POSTAL SERVICE): All items will be shipped within twenty-eight days of receipt of full payment. Items are not insured; if you want to insure the item, please include the proper USPS Insurance Premium. Additional Shipping may be required to shipments outside the US-48. SHIPPING INFORMATION: Please note that we retain the right to switch identified carriers to ship items and further retain the right to self-insure items that are identified in the listing as being insured. Buyers are not entitile to any payment or credit for excess shipping fees and we will not back-charge Buyers if the actual shipping fees are greater than those charged. SALES TAX: Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be collected on items shipped to a Pennsylvania Address, or picked up in person, unless the High Bidder has a current Resale Tax Exemption Certificate on file. Pennsylvania Sales Tax is Six Percent for Washington County, where we are located. Pennsylvania Sales Tax for Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties is Seven Percent. LIMITED RIGHT OF RETURN: The items sold at e-bay Auction may be returned for a refund only of the High Bid Price (no Shipping Refunds under any conditions) as long as it is returned in the same condition as it was when we originally packed it, it is returned within five days of receipt, and it is returned within 40 days of the actual close of the Auction. Other than this limited right of return, the Bidder warrants and hold harmless the Seller for any issues regarding the condition and/or operation of any item sold on e-bay. MORE DISCLOSURES: All train items are graded in good faith pursuant to AmbroseBauer Trains' understanding of the old grading standards of the Train Collectors Association as actually applied by most knowledgeable collectors who sell or buy substantial amounts of trains each year. AmbroseBauer Trains do not aver or guarantee that the TCA would agree on any specific day as to the specific grading used herein. Although the TCA did not use plus and minus in their grading standards, ABT uses them to convey which range of a particular grade the piece is closer. ABT believe such a use gives a potential purchaser a better idea as to the actual subjective grading of a piece. Boxes are graded pursuant to the widespread DJB Standard Box Grading Standards. All standards are obviously subjective but ABT has been grading items for over thirty years. ABT include "in our Opinion" in each listing to make the point that the grading is ABT's personal opinion and that others may have a different opinion. Feedback may not be left as to issues of grading and any feedback so left will be a violation of the Terms and Conditions. PHOTOS: Please note that on each item we include at least five high quality photographs with the listings so that you can make your own opinion as to its condition. ABT expect each bidder to view these photos and as such ABT's listings do not necessary include all information as to an item that can easily be ascertained by the viewing of the photos. LIMITATION OF DAMAGES: Neither Drew J. Bauer and/nor AmbroseBauer Trains is liable for any consequential and/or punitive damages that any Bidder or Prospective Bidder may incur, and the placement of any bid on our Listings shall act as a full and complete legal waiver of any right to any such consequential and/or punitive damages as to any matter arising out of any e-Bay Transaction. OPERATION OF ITEMS: Unless otherwise noted in the listing that ABT has operated an item, ABT does not test items as to whether they operate or run. If the listing notes that ABT has operated an item, it means ABT has connected it to power and ensured that the item had some method of operation when subjected to power. ABT does not aver or warrant to any degree anyone's satisfaction of the operation of a particular item or that all operational functions of a particular item actually operated and the High Bidder warrants to AmbroseBauer Trains that they waive any issue as to the operational functions of an item. ABT's Grading incorporates the physical appearance of the item(s) and not its/their mechanical operation. JURISDICTION & VENUE: By placing any Bid on any Auction conducted by "drew_bauer" or "ambrosebauer-trains", you agree that the only judicial, corporate and/or administrative bodies or entities with original jurisdiction and/or venue over any transaction arising from our e-bay, and/or any action arising or relevant thereto, including issues regarding feedback, are the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and/or the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County, Pennsylvania. Any Bidder who files any Administrative and/or Judicial Action in any other Court shall be liable to Drew J. Bauer or AmbroseBauer Trains for the Attorney's Fees, Court Costs and Travel Expenses incurred by AmbroseBauer Trains, Paul V. Ambrose and/or Drew J. Bauer in any action relating to the transfer, defense, or dismissal of said Action. WARRANTIES: All items are sold as is where is except as otherwise noted in these Terms and Conditions as applicable to an item's originality, the description of an item being a specific variation, the description of an item being a specific model and/or the description of an item being from a specific manufacturer. ABT is not an authorized Lionel dealer, or that of any other manufacturer, and as such no manufacturer's or original dealer's warranties are given or provided on any item that ABT sells or offers. REGISTRATION: Bidders who bid on auctions conducted by "drew_bauer" or "ambrosebauer-trains" warrant that they are actually the individuals who registered the user-name used for said auctions with e-bay. Failure to pay High Bidder Amounts within ten days from the date of the e-bay Auction by such False Registrants shall lead to the filing of a civil action either in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania or the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County, Pennsylvania. Any individual who registers under a false name, or with false and/or untrue information, consents by such Registration and/or placement of bids on e-bay auctions to the filing of such lawsuit, and the payment of any legal fees and/or legal expenses incurred by either Drew J. Bauer and/or AmbroseBauer Trains, as well as jurisdiction and venue of said Courts, by placing such Bids. DEFAULT: Any Bidder, including High Bidders, that is in default of any of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein shall be liable for any costs incurred by either Drew J. Bauer and/or AmbroseBauer Trains as a result of such default, including, but not limited to Bank Fees, Interest at the rate of Twelve Percent Annually, Attorney's Fees, Court Costs, Legal Expenses, Travel Expenses; and any Bidder, by registering herein, or by placing bids on any offering of "drew_bauer" or "ambrosebauer-trains", shall be deemed to have consented to such type of costs, including, but not limited to, Attorney's Fees. For the purposes of any of the time periods stated herein, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE and any Bidder, by registering, or by placing bids at any "drew_bauer" or "ambrosebauer-trains" Auctions, shall be deemed to have consented to, and have notice of, that TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE as to any time periods noted herein. For the purposes of this Section, Default shall include, but is not limited to, the leaving of negative or neutral feedback, in fact or in tone, where the High Bidder has received the item for which he paid. RETURNED CHECKS: Any Bidder whose check has been returned by a financial institution as not being paid in full for any reason shall be obligated to pay Drew J. Bauer and/or AmbroseBauer Trains the amount of $25.00 plus the amount of the returned check.
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