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Jun 28, 2016
I had some concerns about this auction house. I was interested in what was advertised as a Qianlong era chinese coin, since I have a vase of that era purchased at another auction house. I bid on the item one time. I was the first bid, but there were a few bids at a higher price than mine, so I did not win the bidding. I was really surprised when they emailed me after the auction stating that I was the winner of the item ($55). This struck me as distinctly unusual, as the Live Auctioneers interface usually clearly displays if you won the bid. I feel weird about this event, and it does not sit well with me. I am prepared to pay for the item just to keep my reputation with Live Auctioneers intact, and it isn't a lot of money. I called Creligent to pay for the item to prevent a complaint about me, and I could not communicate with the person on the phone as they were a very poor English speaker. They opened a Paypal window to pay for a few days, but closed it. I think they filed a dispute with LiveAuctioneers after a week or maybe a bit more, since I had not paid. I am willing to pay to make this complaint go away, but I am not looking forward to calling them back and reading them my credit card numbers over the phone to a non-English language speaker. Overall, I will not do business with Creligent again, as I do not trust their business practices, and I cannot communicate with them. I still feel very uneasy about the way the bidding went, and I feel strongly that there is something wrong about the way this company conducts its auctions and does business.


Jul 13, 2016
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Jul 01, 2016
first they declined to sell the items which I won after they received my check the reason was too cheap to sell. then suddenly they said that they has sent me one of three items I bought even though I warmed them not to ship to the address where I would not be during certain time frame (I was out of the country). after I received their email which stated that the someone received the package (I was not there). so I asked for info regarding the shipping (whom signed for the package etc.) they simply did not answer. I have no idea how to deal with them for the item which I did not find. Please help Thank you

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Apr. 9th, 2016 Antique & Art-work AuctionsStarted Apr 09, 2016 9:30 AM EDT
United States Great Neck, NY, US
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