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Art-Torg auction company was founded in 2005, Art-Torg Auctions is a leading, full-service auction house specializing in the appraisals and sale of antiques and fine & decorative art XIX-XXI. Art-Torg auctions reach an international audience and showcase the unique, rare, and beautiful in dozens of categories, including the fine & decorative arts. Art-Torg Auctions employs an abundant staff of dedicated experts, working in state-of-the-art facilities and supported with the best resources available in the auction industry today These resources are focused to achieve one goal: superior results for our clients. Our tradition of excellence allows sellers to consign with assurance and buyers to bid with confidence. Art-Torg Auctions is dedicated to presenting its clients a full range of auction and appraisal services and is committed to addressing their needs by giving equal consideration to single objects, entire estates or complete collections. Both the buyer and the seller are important to us. We are confident in our ability to serve the first-time buyer or seller as well as the seasoned auction participant.
Na Kocince 210/3, Praha 6
Praha, 16000
Czech Republic
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Chuck CLOSE (1940-2021) American
Gregorio SCILTIAN (1900-1985) Armenian - ItalianGertrude Abercrombie (1909-1977) USA - American

American, European and Ukrainian Fine Art

Art-Torg is responsible for arranging 3rd party shipping. Start time online trading is: 28th June 2024 - 8 AM. For any questions please contact to our emails: / Dear Sir and Madam! We are glad to inform you, that auction company Art-Torg, on the 28th June 2024, conduct the 55th auction American, European and Ukrainian Fine Art. On these trades will feature paintings by artists with a worldwide reputation, such as:? Ismail Gulgee (1926-2007), Leopold SURVAGE (1879-1968), Pratuang EMJAROEN (1935-2022), Karl Stanley Benjamin (1925-2012), Gertrude ABERCROMBIE (1909-1977), Chuck CLOSE (1940-2021), Soo Pieng Cheong (1917-1983), Paul Feiler (1918-2013), Gregorio SCILTIAN (1900-1985), Andre Jawlensky (1902-1984), Kim Tschang-Yeul (1929-2021),? Lea NIKEL (1918-2005), Luis MARTINEZ PEDRO (1910-1990), Ulysse COMTOIS (1931-1999), Lawren Phillips HARRIS (1910-1994), Ethel K. SCHWABACHER (1903-1984),? But MUCHTAR (1930-1993), Orhon MUBIN (1924-1981), Nejad DEVRIM (1923-1995),? Doug Ohlson (1936-2010), Jean Albert MCEWEN (1923-1999), Zoran Antonio MUSIC (1909-2005),? Ben NICHOLSON (1894-1982), Andre Masson (1896-1987),? Jafar ROUHBAKHSH (1938/40-1996), Jilali GHARBAOUI (1930-1971), Pedro CORONEL (1923-1985), Leo VALLEDOR (1936-1989), Selim TURAN (1915-1994), Theora HAMBLETT (1895-1977), Youla Chapoval (1919-1951), Mohamed MELEHI (1936-2020), Michael WEST (1908-1991), Clementine HUNTER (1886/87-1986/88),? Mary ABBOTT (1921-2019), Kurt Rudolf H. SONDERBORG (1923-2008), Alejandro OTERO (1921-1990),? John LITTLE (1907-1984), Per KIRKEBY (1938-2018), Syd SOLOMON (1917-2004), R?mulo MACCIO (1931-2016), Leon Gischia (1903-1991), Theodoros STAMOS (1922-1997), Marian Bogusz (1920-1980), Edward DUGMORE (1915-1996), Wladyslaw STRZEMINSKI (1893-1952). As well as a wonderful paintings of the less well-known artists. We hope to please you, with his collection of art connoisseurs, collectors and connoisseurs
Starts on:
Praha, Praha 6, CZ

Bidder Reviews for Art Torg S.r.o (56)

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London, GB

Mar 19, 2024
it is very easy to complete the order and excellent assistance is provided with various questions
I'm absolutely thrilled with my recent purchase of the painting! The colors are vibrant, the details exquisite, and it adds a touch of elegance to my space. It's truly a masterpiece that brings me joy every time I admire it. Thank you for offering such stunning artwork!
Nikolay SHEVCHENKO (1925-1989) Russian - Ukrainian

Alaska, AK

Mar 18, 2024
A wonderful experience
Delighted with my purchase of the drawing with a verified history from the museum! It's a piece of art with a rich past, adding depth and authenticity to my collection. Grateful for the opportunity to own a piece of cultural heritage.
Erich GOLLERBAKH (1985-1942) Russian

Keene, NH

Mar 04, 2024
Guys at Art-Torg are professionals!
I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the delivery process was. Despite my initial skepticism about receiving my order promptly, the painting arrived at my doorstep much sooner than anticipated. The packaging quality was exceptional. As an art enthusiast, I understand the importance of ensuring that delicate items like paintings are adequately protected during transit. I was pleased to find that the painting was meticulously wrapped and secured in sturdy packaging materials. There were multiple layers of protective cushioning, which effectively shielded the artwork from any potential damage during transportation. It was evident that great care was taken to preserve the integrity of the painting, and this attention to detail did not go unnoticed.
Joseph MARGULIES (1896-1984) Austrian - American

New York, NY

Feb 29, 2024
Surpassed my expectations
Overall, my experience with Art-Torg exceeded my expectations. Every aspect of my purchase, from prompt delivery to first class packaging, was handled flawlessly. I highly recommend this auction house to anyone looking for an easy and enjoyable online art buying experience. I look forward to exploring their offerings in the future.
Igor Galanin (Born 1937) Russian - American

London, GB

Jan 24, 2024
do not be afraid to ask for help, Art Torg S. r. o helps really well, fast and clearly
Everything was delivered quickly and well. Packaged securely and neatly. Also helped and answered all questions. Definitely recommend and will be ordering again!

Wilmington, DE

Oct 26, 2023
Great artwork, carefully packing, fast shipping
Great artwork, carefully packing, fast shipping
Grigoriy MARINICHENKO (1928-2006) Russian - Ukrainian

Jackson, MS

Jun 30, 2023
Great experience
No problems with any aspect of this purchase. Very pleased

Castelfranco Emilia, IT

Feb 24, 2023
Very efficient in all aspects of transactions.
Very reliable auction house, gives opportunity to pay in dollars as wel as euros.

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