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Art Torg S.r.o

Art-Torg auction company was founded in 2005, Art-Torg Auctions is a leading, full-service auction house specializing in the appraisals and sale of antiques and fine & decorative art XIX-XXI. Art-Torg auctions reach an international audience and showcase the unique, rare, and beautiful in dozens of categories, including the fine & decorative arts. Art-Torg Auctions employs an abundant staff of dedicated experts, working in state-of-the-art facilities and supported with the best resources available in the auction industry today These resources are focused to achieve one goal: superior results for our clients. Our tradition of excellence allows sellers to consign with assurance and buyers to bid with confidence. Art-Torg Auctions is dedicated to presenting its clients a full range of auction and appraisal services and is committed to addressing their needs by giving equal consideration to single objects, entire estates or complete collections. Both the buyer and the seller are important to us. We are confident in our ability to serve the first-time buyer or seller as well as the seasoned auction participant.

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American, European and Ukrainian Fine ArtDear Sir and Madam! We are glad to inform you, that auction company Art-Torg, on the 16th December 2022, conduct the 46th auction American, European and Ukrainian Fine Art. On these trades will feature paintings by artists with a worldwide reputation, such as: Miloud LABIED (1939-2008), Franz KLINE (1910-1962), Léon BERKOWITZ (1919-1987), Frank SINATRA (1915 - 1998), Jose GUERRERO (1914-1991), Leopold Survage (1879-1968), Sonia DELAUNAY (1885-1979), Hisao Domoto (1928 - 2013), Alice BABER (1928-1982), Peter Busa (1914 - 1985), Edward DUGMORE (1915-1996), Oli SIHVONEN (1921-1991), Atsuko TANAKA (1932-2005), Frederic FIEBIG (1885-1953), Marie Atkinson Hull (1890 - 1980), Raymond PARKER (1922-1990), Sonia LEWITSKA (1882-1937), Kurt Rudolf H. SONDERBORG (1923-2008), Grace HARTIGAN (1922-2008), Janet SOBEL (1894-1968), Victor HIGGINS (1884-1949), Burgoyne DILLER (1906-1965), Alfredo VOLPI (1896-1988), Jafar ROUHBAKHSH (1938/40-1966), Lea NIKEL (1918-2005), Alejandro OBREGON (1920-1992), Janet Lippincott (1918 - 2007), Marlow Marjor.Jewell MOSS (1890-1958), Ida Rittenberg KOHLMEYER (1912-1997), Robert Arthur GOODNOUGH (1917-2010), TING Walasse (1929-2010), Fritz GLARNER (1899-1972), Simeon BRAGUIN (1907-1997), Ivon HITCHENS (1893-1979), Wladyslaw STRZEMINSKI (1893-1952), Toshimitsu IMAI (1928-2002), Charles Henry ALSTON (1907-1977), Esphyr SLOBODKINA (1908-2002), Sergio DE CAMARGO (1930-1990), Patrick HERON (1920-1999), Jennie HADDAD (1906-1996), Mary ABBOTT (1921-2019), Rolph Scarlett ( 1889-1984), Selim TURAN (1915-1994), Kyle MORRIS (1918-1979). As well as a wonderful paintings of the less well-known artists. We hope to please you, with his collection of art connoisseurs, collectors and connoisseurs. Art-Torg is responsible for arranging 3rd party shipping. Start time online trading is: 16th Dec 2022 - 9 AM. For any questions please contact to our emails: /
Starts on: Dec 16, 2022 12:00 PM EST
Praha, Praha 1, CZ

Bidder Reviews for Art Torg S.r.o (45)

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Latvia, LV

Feb 11, 2022
I am totally satisfied with my experience with Art Torg. Swift replies, fast shipping, no problems with payments. The painting seems the same as in the photo.
Sofia NIZOVAIA (1918-1993) Ukrainian - Russian

Prague, CZ

Dec 14, 2021
Dobr á pr á ce
Velk ý v ý b ě r obraz ů! Doporu č uji!
Maria Veronica Liszt (1902-1992) American

Praha, CZ

Dec 14, 2021
D ě kuju Art Torg
Zd ě dil jsem obrazy a jeliko ž m ě um ě n í nezaj í malo, bylo nutn é obr á tit se na odborn í ky. Art Torg mi pomohl vyhodnotit a prodat m é obrazy.
Leonid SOLOGUB (1884-1956) Russian - Switzerland

Buenos Aires, AR

Dec 14, 2021
Great job!
Recently, due to Art Torg, I could give emotions to my loved one. The painting is a gift that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Bring emotions, Art Torg will help you.
Leonid SOLOGUB (1884-1956) Russian - Switzerland

Hachenburg, DE

Sep 27, 2021
Das Originalgem ä lde
Gut koordinierte Arbeit, tolles Team ART-TORG! Ich war sehr hartn ä ckig, aber es war mein erster Kauf auf Ihrer Auktion und ich werde jetzt wieder auf Sie zur ü ckkommen.
Adolf KONSTANTINOPOLSKIY 1924-1993 Russian-Ukrainian

France, FR

Sep 27, 2021
Satisfaits de tout!
Delivery to France took only a week, the picture came neatly packed.
Maria Veronica Liszt (1902-1992) American

London, GB

Jun 25, 2021
10 out of 10, superb service all around.
One of the best auction houses in the market, very responsive, very helpful, accurate descriptions and fast shipping. The service provided has been superb.
Paul REED (1919-2015) American (Washington)

Los Angeles, California

May 31, 2021
Authentic painting
Authentic paintings at a convenient online auction! Excellent service!
Mark KAPLAN (1905- 1990) Ukraine - Russia

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