TW Conroy, LLC

TW Conroy, LLC

Auction Services for Buyers At T.W. Conroy and Associates, Inc., we understand that our buyers are just as important as our sellers; therefore we endeavor to make your buying experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. Services we provide to buyers include: * Complete and accurate descriptions of items for sale with emphasis on condition. * Comfortable modern auction gallery in which to view items and participate. * Photographs of items when necessary/possible. * Telephone bidding for those who cannot attend personally. * Competitive absentee bidding for those who cannot attend or bid by phone. * Fax bidding (handled as absentee). * Confidentiality regarding any dealings. * Easy payment options: cash - check - Visa - MasterCard - American Express. * Arrangement for shipping/delivery. * Hotel accommodations suggestions. * On site catering facility Auctions Services for Sellers T.W. Conroy provides comprehensive, professional auction services for the distribution of single items and entire collections. The firm understands that to obtain the "best" price for an item, the auction house must be able to positively identify and value that item. Also, the auction service must be able to reach the most appropriate buyers for a given item (the ones who will pay the most money!). T.W. Conroy is highly successful in placing multiple buyers in the competitive atmosphere of the "auction"… with your valuables as the prize. Worldwide Marketing The firm regularly sells to collectors, dealers, museums and investment corporations all over the world. T.W Conroy enjoys the ongoing patronage of over 4,000 active buyers. T.W. Conroy’s network of buyers grows continually, through aggressive marketing. Each auction is supported by a comprehensive, uniquely tailored marketing plan. Components of the plan often include: * global advertising in specialized trade publications * pre-event, printed mailing of individual catalogs, flyers, and postcards. (T.W. Conroy's mailing list numbers over 4000 active buyers!) * pre-event, targeted emails that match registered buyers with specific inventory * showcasing merchandise on multiple web sites, including that of T.W. Conroy * regional advertising in newspapers and other media * telephone calls to prospective buyers all over the world (for the most valuable pieces * trade show promotions

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