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The Curator's Eye

The Curator's Eye


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Sep 06, 2016
1) It would be much better if we could pay with credit card or PayPal. I have not had to mail a check for anything in years. 2) Finally got my item today. 9/6/16. FedEx initially delivered to an address in another state.
Aug 02, 2016
Transaction fraught with errors, had to ask several times for a shipping quote, which was supposed to be included in the invoice. They finally sent one, over three thousand dollars! When I balked, they sent another quote for a third of that cost, which I asked to be included in their invoice. They initially refused, claiming it would be faster to just make an added note. It was only after I reminded them of their terms, which stated that a shipping quote would be included in the invoice, that they sent it over. At first they wanted me to pay for the item, and then discuss shipping. Most incompetent, disorganized, suspicious auctioneer I have ever dealt with. Now in active dispute, and the cause for ME electing to not use YOUR service any longer. There are even several articles in several trade publications detailing the debacle that was this saucy ion. Goodbye, LiveAuctioneers, when the dispute is over I wish to hear no more from you. The FTC should and will be informed of the mess that this was.

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