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Jul 19, 2016
I won multiple auctions. I hadn't relieved an invoice after a week so I contacted ice house. I got a response back very quickly. I was told that some of my winnings were taken or misplaced, so I was free to choose any others. I was also told that I was sent an email notifying me of this. I waited again for a list (email) from ice house of the items that were taken, but it never came. I contacted them again, and got a very quick response, again. I was told that the email containing the list was sent. I double checked my email, including junk, and spam... Nothing. I replied back saying I didn't receive it. Now all this communication we had been conducting was though live auctioneers messenger. When ever ice house sent me a message though the messenger, I would receive an email from live aictioneers, that I had a new message. I asked ice house to send the list via the messenger, sense it was the only reliable form of communication... Almost a month later... I'm still waiting...
Jun 13, 2016
Apr 12, 2016
Apr 11, 2016