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Information about this Auction house: Mr. Piet van Sabben has organised poster auctions in The Netherlands since 1991 under the name: "Van Sabben Poster Auctions". These are usually held twice a year. Viewing of posters is possible for a few weeks preceding each auction. Exclusively Posters: Unlike most other auction houses who may include posters from time to time, Van Sabben Poster Auctions are dedicated exclusively to the auction of national (Dutch) and international posters, with the occasional addition of related books and enamel advertising signs and similar artefacts. Auction catalogue: Before each auction a fully colour illustrated catalogue is published. These catalogues are acknowledged by collectors worldwide as being an important reference document. In addition to colour photographs of each item to be auctioned each contains an indexed name of artist and headword, extensive bibliography and the result list of the previous auction. This auction house is proud of the fact that many national and international museums, libraries and other institutions regularly order these catalogues for their own archives. Internet: -Via the extensive web site: : much information is given to poster lovers. For example: the result list and aftersales of unsold posters are on the site after the auction. You also find privat poster collections for sale. Recently they have opened their ‘Gallery’ at the Internet, where vintage posters can be purchased throughout the year. -Van Sabben Poster Auctions puts much effort into introducing the appeal of poster collecting to a wider audience around the world. As part of this effort they currently hold, at various times throughout the year, auctions via the internet. Posters offered in these auctions are (still) relatively cheap to purchase as they are predominantly by young, as yet ‘undiscovered’ designers. VSPA believe they offer a sound investment for the future and a good basis for starting a poster collection. New auction magazine: Van Sabben Poster Auctions is also involved in a new specialist auction publication named: ‘Het Veilingtijdschrift’, (‘The Auction Magazine’). Edited by Mr. A.K.J. van der Gulik it is printed in Dutch, but also contains an English summary. It’s contents include regular articles on recently held auctions, as well as a listing of all forthcoming auctions and addresses of most Dutch and International auction houses. This auction magazine is available in most leading bookshops since 22 of October 1999. Additional services: In addition to their auctions, they are also able to offer their clients the following services: assisting in acquiring specific posters, poster restoration, valuations and advice in starting a collection. New owner: Although a change in ownership of the company has recently taken place, Mr. Udo Boersma, the new owner, has retained the original company name of "Van Sabben Poster Auctions".
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Past Auctions from Van Sabben Auctions

Date: Descending
794: Poster by  Cassandre (ps. Adolphe Mouron, 1901-196
703: Poster by Frans Spuybroek - Volk van Nederland Ont145: Poster by  Anonymous - Nord Deutscher Lloyd Postda

Van Sabben Poster Auctions, Poster Auction 32

Nov 16, 2008 3:20 AM EST
NetherlandsHoorn, NL
Auction Ended
845: Poster by Bertold Löffler - Kaiser Huldigungs Fest
420: Poster by Leo Marfurt - België De Kust49: Poster by Rie Cramer - Blue Band

Van Sabben Poster Auctions, Auction 31

May 26, 2008 3:20 AM EDT
NetherlandsHoorn, NL
Auction Ended
376: Poster by Joseph Rovers - Rotterdam Lloyd Royal Ma
940: Poster by  Monogram WW - De Algemeene Spaarverzeke751: Poster by Guy Peellaert - Fooug!

Van Sabben Poster Auctions catalogue 30

Dec 03, 2007 3:20 AM EST
NetherlandsHoorn, NL
Auction Ended
926: Poster by Guiseppe Riccobaldi - NGI Navigazione
671: Poster by Dick Bruna - zwarte beertjes pocket-book670: Poster by Dick Bruna - zwarte beertjes pocketbooks

Van Sabben Poster Auction 29

May 21, 2007 3:20 AM EDT
NetherlandsHoorn, NL
Auction Ended
656: Poster by  Anonymous - Movie: Errol Flynn in "The
422: Poster by Gaston Gorde - Grenoble118: Posters(2) by Abram Games - Grow your own Food

Poster Auction Catalogue no. 28

Dec 18, 2006 3:20 AM EST
NetherlandsHoorn, NL
Auction Ended
302: vorm gevers
258: Le Mont Rose22: typografie piet zwart

Poster Auction Catalogue 27

May 15, 2006 3:20 AM EDT
NetherlandsHoorn, NL
Auction Ended