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AuctionTainmentTM Let's have some fun. Let's change the world. Greetings: This is Carol, your friendly hypnotic, philosophic co-auctioneer and partner here at Conlee Auctions. We’re in the process of launching a new kind of life that’s centered around the art of living in joy and earning a living at the same time. Here’s what I’m talking about: Our Name: AuctionTainment ™. Let’s start with that one. We made it up because we think that auctioning can be fun and a little like “showbiz.” FUN is a big word. We like big words and we like action that inspires and delights. It’s like BEAUTY. Beauty is a big word, too. Our Mission: That’s easy. Auctions are a form of recycling. You have things you’re ready to let go of and others have things they’re looking for. It’s sort of like matchmaking with stuff. Sometimes everything old is new again and sometimes nothing but new will do. We sell both kinds. In this process we introduce you to new friends, new things and plenty of ideas. We’re even working on some new jokes, too. The Plan: Ours involved Capitalism. Enthusiasm. Joy. Service to Customers and service to Buyers. Sure, we’ll get CRAZY when we’re selling. We’ll get silly with happiness because after all it’s like a horse race with furniture! Or art! You know, you don’t always have to be running in the race to enjoy the taste of victory. EVERYBODY loves a winner! The quick version is that it won’t be a stuffy, pretentious pontification of ultra-sophisticated-clenched-teeth-high-brow, elitist, looking-down-the-nose types of auctioning. It will be more like watching conscious entrepreneurs turn your stuff into money. It’s auction alchemy. And talk about recycling and preserving nature? Why not save the trees that have already lost their lives? I know, it’s deep, spiritual stuff. The Team: Craig D. Conlee, Texas Auctioneer #14007, is the Master and Commander of CONLEE AUCTIONS AND PRODUCTIONS. Phillip Garrett and Carol Conlee are stellar Associate Auctioneers. All of us have had impressive Auctioneer Makeovers while you were out. There are also lots of fabulous elves and staff members that move things, load things and clean things and count things and make sure that you’re very well taken care of each time you spend your time and your money with us. So, have some AuctionTainment™ FUN and Save The World with joy. What do you think? Are you able to bid? Your AuctionTainment™, Chief Philosopher Officer C. Conlee, CPO To see our past auctions click the icon to the left. To participate in future Auctiontainmenttm events simply email us your address and request to be on the contact list. We will only send you information about upcoming sales and never, never, ever reveal your address to anyone else. Send to PHONE 325-347-6480 WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOOD CONSIGMENTS-HAVE GAVEL WILL TRAVEL! Conlee Auctions, P.O. Box 1810 Mason, TX 76856 Col. Craig D. Conlee, TX Lic # 14007 and Col. Carol Conlee TX Lic# 16175

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