Storybook Estate Sales

Storybook Estate Sales

Elizabeth, the founder of Storybook Estate Sales has been helping people sell their personal property, possessions and valuables for the past 18 years. Her experience began when she inherited her family's personal property and had to learn quickly what to do with all of it. Being a young adult at the time, she had quite a task to face. She did not want to see her family's valuables and household items hauled off to the dump. Elizabeth quickly learned that just about everything has value. She began selling at antique flea markets and selling with consignment shops, then began selling on various websites online. These experiences along with her experiences planning and running online auctions at an auction house has given her the skills necessary to determine the best methods for selling all kinds of valuables, furnishings, and goods while getting the best prices for them. In addition to having a keen eye for value, Elizabeth is resourceful and keeps the environment in mind, so she will resort to other options first when getting rid of unsold and unsaleable items before taking them to the landfill. Other options include recycling such as through EWasteForGood (tvs, computer monitors, and other electronics), and local reuse stores (such as Urban Ore, ReStore/Habitat for Humanity, and East Bay Depot for Creative Use). Whether you need to sell your valuables due to an inheritance, a decision to downsize, a change in your household, or another reason, Elizabeth can assist you by being involved in the entire process. Please feel free to contact Storybook Estate Sales to find out how we can help you.

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