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Paul Arsenault Auctioneers

Paul Arsenault Auctioneers

Thank you so much for looking at my Bio. My name is Paul R Arsenault. I have been active in the antiques business most of my young and adult life. As a young child of 7 years I worked for a local auctioneer holding up items to sell as well as auctioneering. I have been a licensed Maine auctioneer since 1982. Antiques and Liquidations are in my blood, and I love what I do. The antiques business has seen many changes since the internet boom and this changing world, a lot of these changes are not positive. Because of this, when selecting an auctioneer for an estate or business liquidation there are many questions you, as the seller, should ask. For example: Is the auction firm a trustworthy firm? Where will they advertise for my auction? How many different venues do they advertise with? Will they provide an itemized list and a signed contract before they leave with my items? Are they going to charge me a pick up fee for the items I put on consignment? What is their commission rate? These are all very important questions to ask. All auction companies differ in such business practices. For Instance, generally we advertise in The New Town Bee in Conn, The Conway Sun in NH, The Lewiston Daily Sun in ME, The Bridgeton News in ME, The Advertiser Democrat in ME, The Bethel Citizen in ME, and Auction Zip all over the world. We do not charge for these ads, we pay all marketing fees. We always provide you with a signed itemized contract. We never charge you a pick up fee. Our commission fee is 20%. On occasion, when the estate is far larger than normal and there are a lot of items that are of no value (items which need to be disposed of), we remove such items at no additional cost other than a 25% commission as opposed to the usual 20%. Again, we pay all expenses and we'll leave the property clean and tidy. We are always interested in selling Coin Collections, Pottery, Toys, Firearms, and any collections of large quantities; for that we offer Professional Photography and Large Campaign Ads with fully detailed descriptions. We employ a great staff, one that I would put up against any auction company in New England and further. If you're thinking of selling anywhere on the East Coast or Canada it would be my pleasure to sit and talk with you, its free! Should you decide against us, there will never be an issue. Thank you again for your time. PAUL R ARSENAULT P.S WE NEVER CHARGE FOR NON PROFIT AUCTIONS WE LOVE TO DONATE OUR TIME AND TO HELP RAISE MONEY FOR GOOD CAUSES

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Austin, Texas
Jun 14, 2021
Smooth transactionI liked it a lot
Bosque Farms, New Mexico
Jun 13, 2021
Plainville, Connecticut
Apr 08, 2021
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Apr 04, 2021
Works with the purchaser.Handled the transaction well by getting it to the local shipping service.-Helpful staff.
Gresham, Oregon
Apr 04, 2021
Very niceVery nice thank you
Wilkes-barre, Pennsylvania
Apr 04, 2021
Woodstock, Georgia
Apr 04, 2021
Excellent ServiceReally friendly staff who provided a fantastic service
Cashmere, Washington
Apr 04, 2021

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