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TriGreen Company

TriGreen Company

9404 East Las Tunas Drive
Temple City, CA 91780
United States
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Upcoming Auctions from TriGreen Company

TriGreen Company has no upcoming auctions. auctioneer to hear about new auctions.

Past Auctions from TriGreen Company

2241: Chinese White Jade Nephrite Rat Mice Mouse
2165: Lg Old Chinese Famille Rose Buddha Figure Sg1992: Chinese Paint Glass Snuff Bottle MaShaoHsuan
usAuction Ended
2702: 2 Meiji Japanese Cloisonne Eagle Bird Vase
2899: 18C Chinese Bamboo Brush Holder Pot Figure2920: 18C Chinese Bronze Cloisonne Censer Lion Dog
usAuction Ended
667: 18C Japanese Ivory Netsuke Geisha Beard Figure
1014: Chinese Ivory Tusk Mulan Lady Warrior Figurine1066: Japanese Ivory Tusk Samurai Sword Figure Okimon
usAuction Ended
495: 19C Chinese Gilt Silver Enamel Opium Box Chirograp
113: 19C Japanese Sword Fuchi & Kashira Sennin Figure S329: 19C Chinese Export Mother Pearl Silver Card Case
usAuction Ended
2182: Japanese Ivory Kannon Quan Yin Okimono Figure
2223: 19C Chinese Red Coral Phoenix Figurine Wood2212: Japanese Ivory Ojime Netsuke Shibayama Bird Sg
usAuction Ended
1114C: 19C Chinese Ivory Tusk Sewing Box Figurine Figur
1287A: 19C Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Figurine Vase1359: 18C Chinese White Jade Nephrite Plaque Oval Box
usAuction Ended
444: 19C Japanese Ivory Netsuke Reclining Deer
125A: Japanese Noritake Nippon Art Deco Figure Bowl Mk524: Polia Pillin Yellow Glaze Vase with Girl Horse Sg
usAuction Ended