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Jubao Hall Auction House

Jubao Hall Auction House

Our company JUBAO HALL AUCTION HOUSE INC( 巨宝大厅拍卖行) is a new established company in USNY, where we are focus on the quality of all items we present and all customers' services we provide. We engaged in popularizing, introducing, purchasing and selling well quality art collections. Our collection come from all over the world. The most essential element for our company is to distinguish the quality for the item we present. Even though we are a new company; however, we do have great experiences and profession expert team to provide our best service making sure customer satisfaction is our key core!
STE 729
Flushing, NY 11354
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Williamsburg, VA

Oct 10, 2023
On September 7, 2023 (Asian Treasures Auction) purchase was made, by us, of Lot # 0279. It was listed in bold in the catalog as-Pre Ming A Hetian Jade necklace with animal patterns and inlaid agate. When the artifact arrived we discovered that it was a relatively soft stone. Not jade. Scientifically and for legal purposes jade is either nephrite or jadeite. Both have very constant specific gravity's and measures of hardness based on the Mohs scale. In other words all other stones are not jade. Jubao feebly tried to say it was just a “different “Jade Lol. An object may be listed as-jade like jade type, jade color etc., but not stipulated as jade. That is unacceptable. Additionally, referencing the rest of the description, the object is specified as being Pre Ming, it is 20th century, not Pre Ming. Regardless, the listing is both scientifically inaccurate and ultimately illegal. Initially, I assumed that they had simply made a mistake. But they persisted and claiming it was an acceptable sort of softer jade and great age. We emailed Jubao Auction House on several occasions telling them that we wanted to return the piece for a full refund and they have failed to reply to us after the initial email in which they said NO REFUND. BEWARE of any purchases you make with this company.
Pre-Ming Dynasty A Hetian Jade Necklace with Animal Patterns and Inlaid Agate

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