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Paradise Auction, Ltd.

Paradise Auction, Ltd.

The Company (top) Paradise Auction, Ltd. has been conducting auctions, liquidations and appraisals here on the Big Island since 1988 after Mike and Gloria Schmidt moved here from Alaska. Mike graduated from the American Auction College in Mason City, Iowa in 1985 and founded Mike's Action Auction in Kenai, Alaska that same year. An active member of the National Auctioneers Association and an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers, Mike is also a licensed Realtor with a GRI designation in the state of Hawai'i. He is a member of the Hawai'i Island Chamber of Commerce and has contributed his time and expertise to non-profit organizations island-wide, including the Malamalama Waldorf School and the Boy's and Girl's Club of Hilo. Auction vs. Private Sale (top) There are several major advantages to selling by auction: * A definite date of sale is set! * The entire sales program is concentrated in a shorter period of time! * The auction scenario creates excitement and a sense of urgency... buy it now or miss it! * Bidding creates competition, which in turn allows you to achieve a higher price * All prospective buyers are brought together by Paradise Auction and allowed to bid openly for the merchandise! * The public is not aware of any established selling price so there is no ceiling the seller can receive * Although we highly recommend the absolute auction method, certain property can be protected through minimums or reserves **We firmly believe that personal property, professionally merchandised, will bring a higher price at auction than if offered in a private sale! Discover Auctions (top) The most widely recognized talent of the auctionerr is undoubtedly his or her ability to "talk fast." The rhythmic chant, developed over decades as a means of creating excitement and moving the sale of personal property at a steady pace is certainly the attention getter on auction day! But, the success of the auctioneer depends upon many other factors. The professional auctioneer is first and foremost a marketing specialist. In order to best serve his or her clients, the auctioneer must have a working knowledge of the value of the itmes being offered. Armed with that information, the auctioneer must know how to use advertising to attract the people most interested in your property. That stimulates competition, thus securing the best possible results for the seller. Professional auctioneers are also versed in the uniform commercial code, and finally, they are experts in the science of selling. THE AUCTION...THE WORLD'S OLDEST AND FAIREST MARKETPLACE! Auctions Are Fair (top) A Win-Win Scenario For Seller and Buyer Alike! The auction method of marketing has proved an effective price-setting mechanism that takes into account current market variables. That's true with whatever commodity is beling sold. The pricing of such raw materials as grain, tobacco and wool is directly tied to the auction block, yet the auctioneer's gavel also helps establish the value of more glamourous commodities such as fine art, antiques and classic automobiles. The objectivity and fariness of a well-run auction is often favored by the courts to carry out their decrees and be executors and trustees to help fulfill their responsibilities. The result is the best and highest available price. A Complete Service (top) As a skilled marketing specialist, today's auctioneer can offer the seller a complete sales service, which includes an experienced auction team (auctioneers, clerks, cashiers and ring personnel), as well as a P.A. system, tents, loading equipment, portable signs and food service. The auctioneer's knowledge of advertising guarantees that the auction is effectively promoted and the auctionteam can take on the responsibility of preparing the merchandise for auction day by cleaning and grouping it. According to the seller's wishes, the auctioneer may even handle necessary painting and repairs to make the property more marketable. And the auction can be held where the seller wishes; either on site or at Paradise Auction House, conveniently located in the Kanoelehua Industrial Area at 14 Holomua Street.
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