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Bringing Emerging Art to Market Through the Online Community ArtistsinAuction utilizes the online auction platform to provide artists new to the selling scene with access to an extensive audience of interested buyers. The ultimate result is a sale for the artist and a purchase by the buyer at the most efficient price - market value. Many artists produce exceptional work but rarely get the exposure required to sell and make a living. Although online bidding for art is not a new concept, a forum dedicated to the emerging artist who has little chance to showcase work in any marketable way, is entirely new. ArtistsinAuction is the conduit that greatly expands the market for artists’ work, allowing for the greatest exposure possible – the online community. Through ArtistsinAuction, the buyer also benefits, gaining access to a breadth of styles and media, including photography, paintings, drawings, sculpture and mixed media. Online auction ensures that the price paid for a piece of artwork is not inflated with gallery commissions and fees, but rather is set at fair market value. ArtistsinAuction has attracted a selection of artists whose work merits viewing by the public at large. Through an extensive publicity campaign that includes a creative marketing strategy, the company brings great artwork to an ever-expanding group of potential buyers. The next auction is slated for Friday, May 15. Pre-auction bidding begins on April 1. A launch party will be hosted in early May in New York City. Details of the launch and an invitation to join us will follow in mid April. ArtistsinAuction was created by Leslie Chasen and Cheryl Peress, both avid art lovers and collectors, after multiple endeavors successfully utilizing the online auction platform for the collections of select private sellers. If you would like more information about ArtistsinAuction, our launch event and the upcoming Spring online auction, please contact: or visit the website at Our Business: ArtistsinAuction acts in a way similar to a traditional auction house, mediating between seller and buyer, and taking a sales commission, albeit considerably lower than that of a typical gallery, for services rendered. We have access to a wealth of interested buyers, including 3,000,000 registered users from – the second most visited auction-related website for fine art, antiques, and collectibles, with operations in 13 countries. ArtistsinAuction selects artists using a careful process based on key criteria. We do not keep an inventory of artwork but we inspect and clearly describe all pieces up for auction. We also take responsibility for payment and shipment post auction; successful bidders are billed accordingly and art objects are packed and shipped soon after auction completion. Benefits for Artists: • Greater exposure than through a gallery – artist name and artwork are spread among numerous online art networks, including the website • Opportunity to develop a sales history – distinguishes artist as a professional whose work has entered the mainstream • Value is established for artwork – once artwork has demonstrated market value, the trend is for increased value over time • Larger share of net sales – markedly lower commissions than other selling venues • Exclusivity of the gallery world is bypassed – online auction offers a significantly broader realm of artists the opportunity to reach the public eye Benefits for Art Buyers: • No set prices – each buyer decides his/her maximum amount to bid • Breadth of art – paintings, drawings, sculpture, mixed media and photography are offered • New venue – view, select and purchase without dealer interference • Anonymity – all sales are completed online and offsite without a public audience • Unlimited viewing – online preview available prior to the auction date; perusal 24/7 • Pre-Auction bidding – bids can be placed online at any time prior to auction Buy Art Marketing Campaign: An in-depth campaign to market the online auction to the public includes: • Launch Event – early May. Details and invitation to follow. • Creative marketing tactics geared at local NYC community • Online marketing strategy utilizing targeted emails and newsletters DARREL JONES Born in Memphis, Tennessee into a family of eight children, Darrell Jones began his art career at an early age. When Jones moved to L.A. he began to meld two mediums – the storyboard camera angles and sketches of animation with the vibrant colors and abstract shapes of painting. His work successfully fuses playful scenes with creative angles and colors to fully draw the viewer into each and every piece. Jones currently lives and works in Forest Park, Georgia. LOUIS ROMITA Full of primal life and infi nite contradictions, the oversized canvasses of Louis Romita are a mixture of personal icons, arcane messages and brilliant colors. Infl uenced by Basquiat, Pollack and Rothko, Romita is deeply attracted to the vibrant colors and visceral rhythms of Haitian and African art. Every piece portrays a sense of unique experience and emotion. Romita uses paint sticks and acrylic on both canvas and wood. He currently lives and works in New York City HENA TAYEB Hena Tayeb was born in Chicago, but lived in her native Pakistan for many years. Her specialty is in abstracts and macro photos taken both in natural and urban environments. She has a keen eye for illusion and has developed a distinct ability to take ordinary objects and transform them into the extraordinary. An example of her unique creativity can be seen in her photographs of hands, all of which speak volumes of the person as a whole. Tayeb currently lives in New Jersey. SEAN DAVID PARROT Sean David Parrot graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BFA in 1993. He is now based in New York City where he has been perfecting his craft – a blending of the traditional Abstract Expressionism style with more modern approaches. His large mixed media paintings (30” X 80”) fuse an intense love of color with digital collage. By joining them together, he creates a calm element in the chaos that forces the viewer to discover the coherence, to wonder and to stare.
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