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Manuel Rivera Hernandez Metamorfosis (Capricho IX) 1963
Pablo Picasso Madoura Visage ChargerM C Escher Day and Night Woodcut Print
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
DoneMar 25, 2017 1:30 PM UTC

3/25/17 Fine Art, Antiques, & Modern Design

Session One (beginning at 9:30am): Featuring exceptional and rare Pittsburgh fine art and historical objects including an Aaron Gorson Steelmaking Nocturne, Damascene Tiffany Lamp, Moise Kisling portrait of Cocteau, nice selection of jewelry including Oliver Family property, much more. Session Two: (immediately after completion of Session One) Great Collections of Modern Design and Modern and Contemporary Fine Art featuring MC Escher Day and Night print, Manuel Rivera Hernandez Wire Mesh Sculpture, Picasso Madoura Charger, Giacometti etching, much more.